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Study regulations [page]

1 January 2021 I General Section 1. Scope of application of the Study Regulations Under Section 14 of the Universities Act (558/2009), the Board of the University of Eastern Finland has, on 14 December 2020, adopted the following Study Regulations which are applied at the university, alongside the provisions laid down in acts, decrees and […]

Thesis and maturity test [page]

A thesis is a academic paper on research related to a degree. It also involves taking a maturity test. The maturity test is for demonstrating that the student is familiar with the discipline of the thesis. Bachelor’s thesis For a bachelor’s degree, a student must prepare a bachelor’s thesis as part of the intermediate studies of […]

Studies for exchange students [page]

Courses for Exchange Students UEF offers a lot of courses which can be completed entirely in English. These studies are offered for the incoming exchange students and the visiting students on both campuses in Joensuu and in Kuopio. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic changes in course offerings (such as transferring courses into online […]

Accessibility Statement [page]

Kamu – Student Handbook Website The University of Eastern Finland wishes to guarantee the accessibility of its websites in accordance with the law about digital services (306/2019) (in Finnish). This accessibility statement applies to the website Kamu – Student Handbook at provided by and its subsidiary pages. The website was first published on […]

Share your views to contribute in an assessment of universities’ administrative autonomy – survey open until 7.2.2021 [article]

The Ministry of Education and Culture appointed on June 25th, 2020 a group to conduct an assessment of the status of administrative autonomy and its relationship with the provisions laid down in the Constitution. The assessment will take into account the tripartite university democracy. The group will additionally evaluate the need to specify the legislation […]

Implementation of the change to the grading scale used in the assessment of Master’s theses or theses for minor subject studies [page]

UEF Register No. 960/00.00.02/2019. Section 60/2019 27 May 2019   The Board of the University of Eastern Finland has adopted Study Regulations for the university in its meeting of 21 May 2019. According to the Study Regulations (Section 33), study attainments, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degree theses and theses for minor subject studies, are assessed […]

Data protection guide for students [page]

Do you process personal data in your assignments or thesis? Personal data means all information relating to a natural person that makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify the person. Direct identifiers include a person’s name, personal identity code, photo, video footage, voice recording, email address containing the person’s name, and handwritten signature. A […]

Instructions on a plagiarism detection for doctoral dissertations at the Philosophical Faculty [page]

Plagiarism detection is obligatory for doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses before evaluation process. The University of Eastern Finland uses an electronic plagiarism detection system, Turnitin. In addition to verifying the originality of a thesis, the system can also be used to guide students towards the correct quotation and referencing practices required in high-quality academic texts. […]

Have a say and give feedback [page]

Students of the University of Eastern Finland have several different possibilities for having a say in the operations of the university. Students may have a say in teaching, guidance, counselling and their development through the feedback they give. Feedback is regularly reviewed as part of the curriculum work and the teaching quality management system. Students […]

Philosophical Faculty’s requirements and evaluation of a doctoral dissertation [page]

An eligible doctoral dissertation may be a monograph or a collection of research articles. A collection of research articles consists of scientific publications or manuscripts, outlined in an independent summary, which examine the same set of problems. The number of articles required is determined by the Philosophical Faculty. A doctoral dissertation in the form of […]