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Student and Learning Services

Student and Learning Services (including International Mobility Services) of the University of Eastern Finland offer services to all students to support their studies throughout the entire study path. They also support the pedagogical and technical development of higher education in the University of Eastern Finland. Student and Learning Services help students with general student advising, registration to the university, issues relating to the right to study, study certificates, student register etc.

Student and Learning Services include Oppari Learning Centre, which has self-study computers for the students, as well as the Helpdesk, where students can easily obtain a variety of information and advice regarding the use of computers, including printing and changing the computer password.

See support channels to students.

Student Tutors

UEF will provide each new student, both Finnish and international, with a student tutor.  Student tutoring is mainly available at the beginning of the semesters. If you are an exchange student or a degree seeking student in our Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme, your student tutor will contact you by e-mail a few weeks before the semester begins. Therefore, please make sure that you have given us a valid email address which you keep checking regularly. When your student tutor contacts you, please reply to the message so that they know you received it. And as soon as you know your arrival details, please inform your student tutor about your travel plans.

The student tutors are UEF students themselves who have volunteered to help new students at the beginning of their studies. The tutors are trained to help the incoming students to get started with their studies and to adapt to Finland, to the new town, and to the University of Eastern Finland. The tutors will help you to familiarise yourself with everyday routines (studying, shopping, housing) and show you around the town and the university campus. Tutors are also an excellent source of tips for studying and about other aspects of student life.  Please note that student tutors have their own duties and studies as well and therefore they are not available at all times.

When you have arrived in Finland, you will meet your tutor(s) and other students in your tutoring group. Your student tutor will meet you on arrival if agreed.

Academic advising

Note that if you wish to have information on the courses or on the content of the studies, please contact the study coordinators of the programmes.

UEF contact person for student tutoring for international students

Kirsi Konttinen, International Mobility Services,, tel. +358 29 44 5817

The Coordinator of International Affairs of the Student Union (ISYY)

The Coordinators of International Affairs of the Student Union (ISYY) are there to help you with any matters related to student life. The Coordinators’ job is to look after the interests of the international students and to get their voice heard on the campus. You may turn to the Coordinators or any other staff member who works at the Student Union whenever you need help or guidance - there is no such thing as a stupid question! Just pop into the ISYY office, call or send an email.

Kuopio: +358 44 576 8413,
Joensuu: +358 44 576 8456,

The Student Union is here for you and works hard to ensure you are happy with your life and studies during your time in Finland. We hope you will make yourself at home at the Student Union by joining our events, activities and clubs. You only have one (student) life - make the most of it!

IT Service Desk

If you encounter problems with IT services (e.g. related to user accounts, email, software, workstations, passwords, user rights etc.), you can contact IT Service Desk.

IT Service Desk

Joensuu: Carelia 1st floor, IT Service's and Oppari's service desk

Kuopio: Canthia 2nd floor, IT Service's and Oppari's service desk

Service contacts (very end of the page)

Tel: +358 294 458 880


Feeling down?

It can be quite challenging to study in new surroundings and in a foreign language. Please be patient and do your best, but also don’t forget to relax. Remember your own ways of reducing stress. Do not be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that you can always talk about your problems, whether big or small, with your fellow students, with the university staff or with the Finnish Student Health Service.

In all kinds of problems with your studies, there are plenty of people to turn to. Please do not hesitate to contact: