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Extension to study right [page]

Applying for an extension to the study right You may apply for an extension to the normative duration of studies when the duration of studies is about to expire. If the normative time ends on 31 July the extension should be applied for by 31 May. If the normative time ends on 31 December the […]

Ethical guidelines for teaching and studying [page]

The ethical guidelines for teaching and studying at the University of Eastern Finland contain: 1. Procedure in cases of suspected fraud (from 29th of January 2021) 2. Remote supervision of exams 3. Principles of publicity in remote university teaching   The ethical guidelines for teaching and studying at the University of Eastern Finland also include […]

Order your transcript of records or student certificate from WebOodi [article]

If you are in need of a digitally signed transcript of records or student certificate, you can order them from WebOodi. First, click “Tools” and order the certificate you need. Transcripts and certificates ordered from WebOodi are digitally signed. Digital signatures replace handwritten signatures and stamps and are official only in their digital form. If you forward […]

Registration as being present or absent [page]

Present Students generally register as present because only those who register as present can participate in education and training, take examinations and complete a degree, in addition to being eligible for student financial aid. Registering as present is also mandatory for any periods spent studying abroad as an exchange student. According to the Universities Act, […]

FAQ: Frequently asked questions on student exchange [page]

Why is student exchange a good idea? Studying abroad often gives a new and broader perspective to your own field of study and offers the chance to take courses not provided by your home university. The exchange period will improve your language and intercultural communication skills. You will make new friends, gain experiences and confidence, […]

Degrees and study rights [page]

The University of Eastern Finland offers degrees and postgraduate degrees in the following fields: pharmacy, dentistry, humanities, education, economics and business administration, natural sciences, medicine, forest sciences, law, psychology, theology, health sciences and social sciences. The complete educational offering is presented on Study at UEF site. The main language of instruction at the University of […]

Unsuitability to study – the SORA legislation [page]

In order to promote the safety of minors, patients and customers, restrictions have been implemented to student admittance from the beginning of 2012. An admitted student may be requested to provide an excerpt from his or her criminal record for the purpose of assessing his or her capacity to study. Restrictions to student admittance In […]

Student and study register – Peppi [page]

What is Peppi? Peppi will replace Oodi, Lukari, Timmi and Ilpa in late 2021. In Peppi, a student can plan their studies, view their timetable, follow their progress, book appointments, register for courses, acquire study certificates and transcripts of academic record, apply for recognition of prior learning, and view and edit their contact information, among […]

Registration of non-degree students [page]

Students from the following groups, among others, pursue non-degree studies: students enrolled in training for a specialisation in medicine, dentistry or general practice, and students training to become medical physicists or medical chemists students enrolled in the certificate programme for special education teachers, certificate programme for kindergarten special education teachers or qualification studies for career […]