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FAQ: Frequently asked questions on student exchange [page]

Why is student exchange a good idea? Studying abroad often gives a new and broader perspective to your own field of study and offers the chance to take courses not provided by your home university. The exchange period will improve your language and intercultural communication skills. You will make new friends, gain experiences and confidence, […]

Bilateral exchange and bilateral agreements [page]

University of Eastern Finland has bilateral co-operation agreements with universities from various countries. Bilateral student exchange aims at reciprocity, which is why all universities may not be available for applications every year. The available universities will be listed in the call for applications that will be published at the beginning of the application period. For […]

Handbook of doctoral education [page]

Contents This index helps you to locate the piece of information you are looking for. Doctoral education and applying Doctoral education in general Structure, organisation and actors of doctoral education at the University of Eastern Finland Dissertation and doctoral studies Applying General instructions for applying Links to specific instructions of doctoral programmes Doctoral education in […]

Minor subject studies in the UEF [page]

In our university, the main principle of minor subject studies is that the studies are offered to the student across campus borders. However, there are restrictions to admittance, proficiency tests or entrance examinations in some subjects or study programmes that apply to students of all campuses. These include languages, psychology, medicine, pharmacy, teacher training (including […]

YUFE brings Europe to you – apply now! [article]

Application for the YUFE Introduction Offer is NOW open and you have the opportunity to start your YUFE Student Journey experience. Visit to apply by 15 September 2020! Please click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the YUFE website and fill out the registration form. YUFE offers a wide range of courses […]

Applying for student exchange and traineeship abroad [page]

General application periods Calls for exchange applications are published at the beginning of the application period in the Calls for applications for student exchange section. The first calls for applications are for exchange studies in the following autumn semester, in the following academic year, or the spring semester of the following academic year. The second […]

ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct [page]

ISEP exchange NB! The links in this article open up in a new tab. ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) is an international student exchange programme based on reciprocity, and it is administered from the United States. For whom? Bachelor’s and Master’s level students of various fields. There are more universities offering Bachelor’s level courses than […]

Career planning [page]

Career and Counselling Services offers an online course on Career Planning 1130007. The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships. Learning outcomes After successful completion of the course, the student will be expected to have the following information and skills: The rules of the Finnish […]

Doctoral education in general [page]

It is possible to continue studying at the University of Eastern Finland after obtaining your Master’s degree. Possible scientific postgraduate degrees in the university include licentiate and doctorate degrees. Some fields also offer professional postgraduate degrees, such as the medical physicist’s and chemist’s degrees. The target schedule for completing the doctoral degree is four years. […]

Examinations [page]

General rules and regulations on study attainments, ways of completing studies, the evaluation of study attainments and reporting the results are set out in the University of Eastern Finland Study Regulations sections 32-35. Course-specific examinations The students pre-register for each exam in WebOodi during the course-specific exam registration period.  The students should always attend the first possible exam. There […]