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Student in higher education, check that you meet the minimum credit requirements for financial aid [article]

Students in higher education should check the number of credits they earned in the previous academic year. Past financial aid payments can be returned voluntarily until 11 September 2020. Students in higher education who receive financial aid must earn at least 5 credits per month of financial aid and at least 20 credits per academic […]

Student Tutoring for International Students [page]

All incoming exchange students and Master’s degree students will be provided with a student tutor who helps the new students with practical matters and adjusting into the Finnish student life and culture. The student tutor contacts the tutees before their arrival, meets them on their arrival and helps the new students with the registration at […]

Student tutoring [page]

The University of Eastern Finland will provide each new student, both Finnish and international, with a student tutor.  Student tutoring is mainly available at the beginning of the semesters. If you are an exchange student or a Master’s degree student coming to UEF, your tutor will contact you by e-mail a few weeks before the […]

Kela financial aid for students [page]

Kela financial aid for studies is available to Finnish citizens. Finanacial aid is available in the form of study grant, government guarantee for a student loan, and housing supplement. Visit the Kela website (opens in a new tab) for further information on financial aid for students.

An appeal for ISYY’s members: Vote in the Representative Council elections [article]

The Central Election Committee of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) appeals to every member of ISYY to vote in the Representative Council elections. By participating in the Representative Council elections, you can best influence the most important matters of your student life and take part in the decision-making. Don’t miss […]

We are looking for students to participate in a unique, communal housing experiment [article]

Would you be interested in communal housing? We are looking for University of Eastern Finland students to participate in a communal housing experiment that will take place in Kuopas’ apartments in Kuopio in the autumn semester 2021. We offer you: A travel card valid on Kuopio City buses and/or the right to use a city […]

Arriving on campus during Covid-19 [page]

Arriving in Finland during the Covid-19 Pandemic Due to the pandemic you should be prepared for covid-19 testing and self-quarantining on your arrival in Finland. The instructions for entering Finland keep changing so please check the up-dated information: The Finnish Foreign Ministry’s travelling instructions: (opens in a new tab). Please check the instructions of […]

Before departure – a checklist for exchange students [page]

Before returning back home Give notice to end your student housing lease at least one FULL calendar month before you leave. If you wish to leave in May, please inform the housing company during April. Make sure you will clean the apartment properly before leaving. You will lose your deposit if the apartment is not […]

Checklist for outgoing exchange students [page]

Plan your exchange well in advance. Search for information about the host country, region, and host university. Think about your goals for the exchange. The final acceptance from the host university usually arrives late in the summer/at the beginning of the year. You can start planning the arrangements even before the acceptance letter arrives; however, […]

Other social benefits for students [page]

Finnish social security includes benefits based on living and working. All permanent residents of Finland are covered by pension security, i.e., health care services, health insurance benefits, parenthood benefits and family benefits. Some benefits involve additional requirements on residence in the country, mainly related to the duration of the residence. Kela handles benefits related to […]