Confidence in Interaction course, 8010157

Sometimes different situations that require communicating – such as speaking in a group, asking questions, commenting during a lecture or giving a presentation – can make you so nervous that you find it difficult to participate in courses in which interaction cannot be avoided. Sometimes people end up avoiding situations that make them nervous: it is easy to postpone participating in language and communication studies, for example, so that one does not have to communicate because it makes them feel anxious.

Students who need to strengthen their ability to communicate can attend the ‘Confidence in Interaction’ course. The Language Centre, educational psychologist and FSHS annually jointly organise the Confidence in Interaction course, 8010157, (3 ECTS), in which the participants are taught what performance anxiety is, practice what to do and say in different communication situations, and identify suitable methods for dealing with anxiety.

More information and instructions on how to apply for the ‘Confidence in Interaction’ course are provided in WebOodi. Generally, this course can be taken instead of the ‘Speech communication’ course included in degree studies. The speech communication courses that faculties have deemed mandatory cannot be replaced with the ‘Confidence in Interaction’ course.

The language of tuition is Finnish.