E-tools and e-services

The University of Eastern Finland has many different electronic systems in place that are used for various study-related purposes. The UEF username and password are used to log in to these systems.

New student! Different electronic tools for students are introduced during the orientation week at the Tietotori and Tietoisku events on 5 September 2018. See you there!

The most important e-tools and e-services that you should learn how to use before starting your studies are listed below. Behind the links are also video presentations that will help you get started with using the services.

Download the Tuudo mobile app

  • A mobile app for students that also provides access to orientation to university studies, as well as the means to receive bulletins for new students during your first months of studies. Other features include the opportunity to register for courses and exams and to view one’s record of completed studies, as well as an automated timetable, menus, public transport schedules, etc.

Lukari timetable service

  • Search for courses, create your own timetable, import schedules to Outlook.

Moodle learning environment

  • An e-learning environment that contains course materials, exercises, discussion forums, etc.

Microsoft Office 365 environment

  • Includes features such as email, personal storage space, co-working forums, a digital notebook, Office tools (can be downloaded by UEF students to their personal mobile devices and computers), a search centre.

Study communities

  • Study Communities provide targeted information for the students of a particular department/school, unit or study programme.

WebOodi student register

  • The system can be used to register for courses or exams, register as present/absent at the beginning of the academic year, search for information about courses, browse study guides, draw up personal study plans, change your contact details, etc.


  • Buy printing credits, order a transcript of academic records or a certificate of student status, fill in and submit an application for substitution of studies, apply for an extension for degree completion, etc.

Yammer communication platform

  • Stay in touch with other UEF people, share information among different groups, use it as a communication channel.

Electronic examination

  • Electronic exam enables the students to take course exams, literature exams and maturity exams electronically in supervised facilities.