Electronic exam: instructions for students

The University of Eastern Finland uses the Exam system (https://exam.uef.fi/).

Electronic exam enables the students to take course exams, literature exams and maturity exams electronically in supervised facilities.

The system is suitable for exams that do not contain the same set of questions for all students. The exam system selects a set of questions for each student from the questions entered into the system by the teacher. In other words, the system is not suitable for exams in which a same set of questions is given to all students (general exams).

An exam is available in the system for a certain period of time (or until further notice) during which students can take it when best suited for their own timetables. There are exam rooms on both campuses (Joensuu and Kuopio) and an exam entered into the system can be taken in any of the exam rooms.

Signing up for an Exam

Log into the system (https://exam.uef.fi) by clicking the UEF Login logo and giving your UEF username and password.

You can reserve a suitable time and exam room by clicking the “Make a new reservation” link. Follow the instructions given by the system. NOTICE! If you are about to enroll to an exam provided by language centre, please enroll also in WebOodi.

You should make your reservation no later than one day before the exam (a reservation for an exam on Monday should be done no later than the preceding Friday by 4 pm).

Notice that there are many exams at the system at the same time. Please reserve your own exam-time early enough.

An exam entered into the system can be taken in the exam room on both campus (Joensuu or Kuopio).

The exam system will pick out a computer for you from the available computers in the exam room. You should write down the computer number because you can only log on to that particular computer for taking the exam. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation of your reservation.

You can view your current reservations and cancel them if necessary by logging into the system again.

If you cannot take your exam at the reserved time please remember to cancel your reservation at the system.

Exam Rooms

Joensuu Campus: 

  • Carelia, room 2A (Social sciences), 2nd floor.
  • Natura N112, 1st floor.

Kuopio Campus: 

  • Mediteknia 1029, 1st floor.
  • Canthia CA205, 2nd floor.

There is a recording video surveillance in the exam rooms.

The Exam Entry

Joensuu campus

When you are coming to take an exam for which you have a reservation, please come to the Oppari help desk (Carelia building, 1st floor) to register and present your ID. The IT advisor will advice you onwards. If your exam starts at 8 am, you should be at the main door of the library at 7:50 am. The IT advisor will open the door.

Kuopio campus

When you are coming to take an exam for which you have a reservation, please come to the Oppari help desk to register and show your ID. The IT advisor will advice you onwards.

Taking an Exam

You cannot bring anything with you to the exam room (except your student card and a water bottle without labels). The exam system will give you all the tools you need to complete your exam. You can get a whiteboard from Oppari help desk for sketching your answers. Return the whiteboard to a mailbox at the exam room or a mailbox just outside the exam room.

You can leave your bag and other belongings in the lockers outside the exam room.

Sign in to the exam with your UEF username and password. NOTICE! If you can’t remember your student number, you are allowed to take your student card with you.

You can complete your exam only on the computer you were assigned when you made your reservation. Log on to the right computer and start completing your exam. You cannot log on to the computer before the exam is scheduled to start.

The exam system will select a set of questions for each student from among the questions entered into the system by the teacher. The exam system will save your answers automatically once a minute. The bottom of the exam page has a button which you should click to submit your answers. You cannot change your answers after you have submitted them. The bottom of the exam page also features a “Give up” button. If you give up an exam, you need to ask the teacher in charge of the course for permission to retake the exam

You cannot leave the exam room during the exam. If the exam is interrupted for some reason, fill in a form https://elomake.uef.fi/lomakkeet/1836/lomake.html

Interrupting the Exam

If you experience problems during your exam, interrupt the exam, leave the exam room and contact the Oppari staff.

After the Exam

The exam system will send the teacher an email notification of any completed exams.

After the teacher has given feedback on the exam, the exam system will send the results and the feedback to the student’s email address. The exam results will be entered in the student register. After this, you can re-take the exam if necessary.

Deadlines for the Publication of the Results of the Exam Results Conducted in the Electronic Exam System

According to the degree regulations, the results of an exam shall be published no later than three (3) weeks after the exam, in the university’s electronic student and study register. In an electronic exam, the deadline is calculated as follows:

  • The deadline for the publication of the results of the exams taken before the 15th of the month is calculated from the 15th of the same month and
  • The deadline for publishing the results of the exams taken on the 15th and subsequent day shall be calculated from the 1st of the following month.

Procedural instructions for the electronic exam (in Finnish).