ePortfolio service

The Kyvyt.fi ePortfolio service offers students versatile online tools for building and developing their own portfolio. Kyvyt.fi can be used to create and maintain a resumé, as well as to document and reflect upon your learning process, for example, by collecting and organising one’s own achievement and by writing in a learning diary and a blog. The service also provides opportunities for networking and publishing portfolio views to chosen users of the ePortfolio service, to users you have accepted as friends, or to a wider audience, such as potential employers during job seeking, on the Internet.

You can access the Kyvyt.fi ePortfolio service through the main page of UEF’s Moodle environment by going to “Web servers” and clicking on the link to the Kyvyt.fi service. Using your UEF username and password, this link will take you to a page where you can create a new username and password for the Kyvyt.fi service. The username and password you create for the Kyvyt.fi service will be at your disposal also after your study right has expired.

A “UEF Kyvyt.fi ePortfolio” platform available to all Moodle users has been opened in the UEF Moodle environment. It can be found on the list of Moodle courses. The Moodle environment also contains instructions for creating an e-portfolio and the contact details of each faculty’s/academic subject’s contact persons for Kyvyt.fi, who will provide guidance and advice on using the service as needed.

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