Extension to study right

Applying for an extension to the study right

You may apply for an extension to the normative duration of studies when the duration of studies is about to expire. If the normative time ends on 31 July the extension must be applied for by 31 May. If the normative time ends on 31 December the extension must be applied for by 31 October.

A student applying for the extension of study right fills in an electronic application at the UEF E-services under “Student services” https://asiointi.uef.fi. The application is electronically transferred to the Faculty’s officer who, after having prepared the application, forwards it to the Dean to be decided. The student can keep track of the processing of the application in the E-services under the heading My Forms. The student has the option to receive the decision by email. Completed decisions are filed electronically.

Filling in applications and processing them is also possible by using mobile devices and outside the university campuses.

UEF E-services require login with the UEF username. UEF username is valid for 6 months after the study right has expired. If you are unable to log into the E-services, print out and fill in the application form in paper: Application for an extension to the right to study


The student should attach to the application an updated, scheduled and approved Personal Study Plan (PSP). The PSP must be approved by the study coordinator and it must clearly indicate the courses to be completed and the intended time schedule for completing them on an accuracy of one academic semester. The application should also include explanations and certificates relating to the reasons that have caused the delay in the progression of the studies. Please note: Do not attach medical certificates as appendices. We will ask them separately if necessary.

Grounds for granting an extension

An extension will be granted if the faculty considers that the student has the necessary prerequisites to finish his or her degree within a reasonable period of time, considering the number and extent of the student’s completed and remaining courses. A feasible study plan is a prerequisite for granting the extension.

Specific reasons supporting the granting of an extension include suffering from an illness during the studies or being subject to other difficult conditions beyond the student’s control, civic activity, participation in international student or trainee exchange, and systematic involvement in elite sports.

A terminated study right can be restored upon application. A re-registration fee of €35 will be collected from the student if the right to study has already terminated when the student is applying for an extension or if the student has not followed the instructions given by his or her faculty on the application period and the right to study has terminated before an extension has been granted. Further information on re-registration.

Length of the extension

The extension will be granted in academic semesters. The extension will be granted for a minimum of one and a maximum of four academic semesters at a time. Should the approved graduation plan span more than four academic semesters, the extension will nevertheless be granted for a maximum of four academic semesters. The student will need to make a new extension application for the remaining semesters.

Absences which are defined in the Universities Act and which are not included in the duration of studies (maternity, paternity and parental leave and conscription or voluntary military service) will also be considered in extensions according to certificates delivered by the student.

The duration of study for the student’s degree will continue to lapse if the student registers as absent during the extension.

Submitting the application

Philosophical Faculty 
Satu Kouki, head of the student services
Joensuu campus, Borealis

Faculty of Science and Forestry
Pauliina Karvinen, coordinator
Joensuu campus, Borealis

Faculty of Health Sciences 
Mervi Silaste, head of the student services
Kuopio campus, Medistudia

School of Medicine and Institute of Dentistry
Pirjo Lindström-Seppä, head of the student services
Kuopio campus, Medistudia

School of Pharmacy
Päivi Hartikainen, coordinator
Kuopio campus, Canthia

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
Anne Korhonen, study coordinator
Joensuu campus, Aurora

Heli Kemppainen, amanuensis
Kuopio campus, Snellmania



Appealing a decision concerning the forfeiture of the right to study is enacted under Section 82(2) of the Universities Act and Section 49 of the Degree Regulations of the University of Eastern Finland.