FIRST+ programme

This page contains information on the FIRST+ exchange programme for exchange studies in Russia. In addition to the options of the FIRST+ programme, University of Eastern Finland also has bilateral agreements with some Russian universities.

FIRST+ (Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Programme) is a student exchange programme between Finland and Russia. The programme is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). Additional information on the programme is available on the EDUFI website.

For whom: UEF degree students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral level) of all fields and all nationalities are eligible for a FIRST+ exchange from Finland to Russia, but Russian citizens must have completed primary school and/or secondary education in Finland. Students with Russian as their major subject can apply for a FIRST+ exchange provided that they will study another subject than Russian during the exchange. The FIRST+ programme requires that the student will get all the studies completed during the exchange credited to the degree at the home university. The credit transfer is made with the ECTS system.

When: Your exchange may start only when you have completed one year of academic studies, but you may apply for exchange already during the first study year.

Where: The following universities in Russia are part of the UEF’s FIRST+ network:

St Petersburg


Other regions

2–12 months (1–2 semesters)

Applications: The application period is from 1 to 15 February. A second call for applications will be held if there are still places available after the first call for applications. The application process is in two stages. First, students apply to be accepted as UEF candidates for FIRST+ exchange. Second, those accepted as UEF candidates for exchange will apply for the host universities which decide on the final acceptance.

Moscow and Tver: The amount of the mobility grant is max. EUR 650/month.
Other destinations: The amount of the mobility grant is max. EUR 560/month.
As a rule, the grant can be paid for one semester (4 months). An extra mobility grant for a two-semester exchange is possible. Students are only eligible for one FIRST+ grant during their studies.

Please note: Many universities in the network offer courses in English. However, the language of teaching needs to be confirmed on a case-by-case basis. A FIRST+ exchange can be granted for Russian studies to students who do not have Russian as their major subject, provided that the studies will be fully credited to the student’s degree at University of Eastern Finland. A FIRST+ internship is also an option; the internship must also be fully accepted as part of your degree at UEF.