Have a say and give feedback

Students of the University of Eastern Finland have several different possibilities for having a say in the operations of the university. Students may have a say in teaching, guidance, counselling and their development through the feedback they give. Feedback is regularly reviewed as part of the curriculum work and the teaching quality management system.

Students play an important role in the improvement of the quality of the university’s operations. Read more on our website Quality work for student.

University-level surveys

Course feedback

You can ask direct questions from or give direct feedback to the teacher or party responsible for guidance (e.g., person in charge of the course, the Head of Administration in charge of the faculty’s student and academic affairs, heads of student and academic affairs, the amanuensis or study coordinator of the school or department) concerning teaching and guidance. In this way, your feedback can be taken into consideration sooner.

Course feedback is systematically collected. However, it does not mean the collection of feedback for every course every year, if no changes have been made to the teaching during the year in question. This is done in order not to unnecessarily overload the students with the collection of feedback. The Oodi feedback system is usually used as the feedback tool, but discussion sessions and other feedback collection methods are also used.

Further information and the academic rector’s decision on Student feedback system (in Heimo, requires logging in)

Study path feedback

During your studies, you will also have opportunities to give feedback in the form of so-called study path feedback surveys. They are typically university-wide feedback surveys targeted at students at a specific stage of their studies (first year, bachelor’s and graduates). The results of the surveys for first year and bachelor’s students are published in the university’s intranet; for the results of the graduate surveys, see Finnish bachelor’s graduate survey (in Heimo, requires login).

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Counselling survey

In November-December of every other year, a counselling survey is arranged to ask questions about the starting of studies from students who started that same autumn.

See more information in Heimo (requires login)

Survey aimed at first-year students

This online survey is used to find out what the first year of studies of a new student has been like. The topics of the survey include teaching and learning, learning environments, study planning and support functions, equal treatment and bullying. The survey is carried out in February. The survey’s results are used in the development of operations and practices at the University of Eastern Finland. The results of the survey are reported in May–June.  ​

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Bachelor’s feedback

The national Bachelor’s feedback survey is sent to all who have completed a Bachelor’s degree. Immediately when information on the completion of the degree is recorded in the student register, the student receives an e-mail message from the university with a request to take the survey. The e-mail link is sent to dentistry or medical students in the autumn of their fifth year of studying. The e-mail addresses of the students are retrieved from the student register, and the message is sent to the e-mail address indicated as the primary one.

The survey is carried out in the same way in all Finnish universities. CSC is responsible for maintaining the survey form. The survey is taken anonymously, and the university is unable to link the answers to individual survey takers. The anonymity of the survey takers is therefore guaranteed.

The survey is used to collect feedback of the current state of teaching and guidance, and to chart student experiences from working life and their well-being. The answers are important for the development work of university teaching and the performance assessments. The feedback survey also forms part of the performance metrics of the universities. So, the students’ answers are genuinely important!

In 2017, over 1,000 students of the University of Eastern Finland gave feedback.

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National Bachelor’s survey by Unifi (in Finnish)

Employment and career follow-up surveys

The employment survey concerns the employment of the graduates and, correspondingly, the national career follow-up survey concerns their employment five years after graduation.

See more information on the employment survey and career follow-up survey in Heimo (requires login).

What’s wrong? Won’t work?

You can give development suggestions or point out things that do not work in the university’s operations at any time: the different services, the operations of the department/faculty, etc. Different instances have created their own feedback forms in order to gather feedback more quickly.

  • The general Suggestion Box (in Heimo, requires login)
  • In some services (this Kamu, Heimo services and UEF // E-services), a speech bubble can be found in the bottom left or right-hand corner of each page. A screenshot of the page and the feedback you entered into the bubble is sent to Hotjar to be reviewed by the persons in charge of the service.


If you still feel that your voice is not heard or you feel your justified issue is not handled or you receive unjust treatment, you may make a complaint. The subject of the complaint may be, for example, the quality of teaching or an evaluation you received, incorrect administrative practice, neglect or violation of your rights (complaint form (Word document in Finnish).