Nordplus programme and Nordlys network

Via the Nordplus exchange programme, students can go on exchange to the Nordic Countries and the Baltic region. Some Nordic and Baltic universities are also available through the department-specific agreements under the Erasmus+ programme.

The Nordplus programme

Nordplus is a student exchange programme for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students that is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Postgraduate students cannot apply for student exchange through the Nordplus programme. All the Nordic Countries and Baltic states are included in the programme.

The Nordplus programme includes subject-specific networks and the Nordlys network on which more information is provided below.

The duration of Nordplus student exchange via the subject-specific Nordplus networks varies from 1 to 12 months. The mobility grant will primarily be paid by the subject-specific network. To get additional information on the application periods and student exchange options of the subject-specific networks, please contact the network’s contact person at UEF.


Medicin i Norden/Clinical Medicine

UEF contact person: Pirjo Lindström-Seppä

The following universities are members in the network:

  • Göteborgs universitet – Sahlgrenska akademin, Sweden
  • Lunds universitet, Sweden
  • Hälsouniversitetet vid Linköpings universitet, Sweden
  • Karolinska Institutet/ Läkarprogrammet på svenska, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Umeå universitet, Sweden
  • Uppsala universitet, Sweden
  • Universitetet i Bergen, Norway
  • Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
  • Universitetet i Tromsø, Norway
  • Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim, Norway
  • Københavns universitet, Denmark
  • Syddansk universitet, Odense, Denmark
  • Aarhus universitet, Denmark
  • Háskóli Islands, Reykjavik, Iceland

Pharmacy Education Network

UEF contact person Jaana Veki
The following universities are members in the network:

  • University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy (SE)
  • Uppsala University (SE)
  • The Arctic University of Norway (NO)
  • University of Oslo (NO)
  • University of Iceland (IS)
  • University of Tartu (EE)
  • University of Latvia (LV)
  • University of Helsinki (FI)

Finnplus / Finnish language and cultural research

UEF contact person Irja Alho
The following universities are members in the network:

  • Mälardalens högskola, Akademin för utbildning, kultur och kommunikation/ Finskt språk- och kulturcentrum, Sweden
  • Stockholms universitet, Institutionen för baltiska språk, finska och tyska/ Avdelningen för finska, Sweden
  • Umeå universitet, Institutionen för språkstudier/ Finska, Sweden
  • Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för moderna språk/ Finsk-ugriska språk, Sweden
  • Universitetet i Tromsø, Institutt for språkvitenskap/ Institutt for kultur og litteratur, Norway
  • Københavns universitet, Institut for nordisk studier og sprogvidenskap/ Finsk afdeling, Denmark
  • Tartu Ülikool, Eesti ja soome-ugri keeleteaduse osakond, Estonia
  • Tallinn Ülikool, Eesti keele ja kultuuri instituut/ soome keele ja kultuuri osakond, Estonia
  • Latvijas Universitate, Department of contrastive linguistics, translation and interpreting, Latvia
  • Vilnius University, Centre of Scandinavian Studies, Lithuania
  • Klaipèda University, Faculty of Arts / Centre of Scandinavian Studies, Lithuania

Nätverket för de nordiska litteratur-, kultur- och språkinstitutionerna NORDLIKS/Swedish language

UEF contact person: Satu Pirhonen
Check the member universities of the network here:

GeoNord “Nettverket av nordiske geografer”/ Geography

UEF contact person: Ilkka Pyy
The following universities are members in the network:

  • Tartu Ülikool, Geograafia teaduskond, Estonia
  • Latvijas Universitate, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, Latvia
  • Umeå universitetet, Department of Geography and Economic History, Sweden
  • Universitetet i Bergen, Institutt for geografi, Norway
  • Háskóli Islands, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Iceland

NOVA/BOVA Nordplus Network / Forestry

UEF contact person: Pauliina Karvinen

Check the member universities of the network here:

Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies / Applied physics and Environmental Science

UEF contact person: Siru Kaartinen
The following universities are members in the network:

  • Aarhus universitet, Denmark
  • Danmarks tekniske universitet, Denmark
  • Eesti maaülikool, Estonia
  • Göteborgs universitet, Sweden
  • Háskóli Íslands, Iceland
  • Helsingin yliopisto, Finland
  • Ilisimatusarfik, Greenland
  • Københavns universitet, Denmark
  • Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands, Iceland
  • Lunds universitet, Sweden
  • Stockholms universitet, Sweden
  • Tartu ülikool, Estonia

Nord+fysik / Applied physics

UEF contact person: Siru Kaartinen
The following universities are members in the network:

  • Aarhus Universitet
  • Chalmers tekniska högskola
  • Háskóli Islands
  • Helsingin yliopisto (Coordinator of the network)
  • Jyväskylän yliopisto
  • Københavns Universitet
  • Universitetet i Bergen
  • Uppsala universitet
  • Vilniaus universitetas

Nordplus Law Network / Law

UEF contact person: Mia Kilpeläinen

Check the member universities of the network here:

Nordlys network

In addition to the subject-specific networks, the Nordplus programme includes the Nordlys network. Nordlys exchange is available for students whose subject has no subject-specific network or in whose network the UEF is not a member, whose subject-specific network is inactive, or who wish to study a different subject than their major during the exchange. The Nordlys exchanges are coordinated at UEF International Mobility Services.

For whom: Bachelor’s and Master’s students of various fields.

When: The student exchange can be started no earlier than in the second year, but you may apply during your first year of academic studies.

Duration: The duration of Nordlys exchanges is 1 or 2 semesters, with a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months. In practice, the duration of the exchange will be determined by the academic calendar of the host university.

Applying: Students apply for Nordlys exchange via the online application system SoleMOVE during the application period. The annual first call for applications is 1–15 February. If there are places and grants left after the first call, a second call for applications will be organised on 1–31 May.

Funding: The mobility grant paid to UEF students going on Nordlys exchange is EUR 290/month in the academic year 2018-2019. The mobility grant consists of the Nordplus student mobility funding (max. EUR 200/month) and UEF student mobility funding (min. EUR 90/month). The mobility grant is paid for the full exchange period.

Please note: The Nordplus programme requires the studies completed at the host university to be fully transferred to the degree at the home university.






the Faroe Islands


More information on the Nordlys network is available at UEF International Mobility Services and the network’s website.