Student card and student benefits

As a member of the Student Union, you are entitled to a student ID card and the benefits and services that come with it. The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is responsible for looking out for the interests and rights of the university’s students.

Ordering a student card

You must enrol to the university and pay the Student Union membership fee before you can place an order for a student ID card. The best time to place your order for a student ID card is in August after you have activated your UEF username and password for the university’s web services. When you place the order, you may be asked to provide information, such as your student ID number, which you can check in the student register, i.e. WebOodi in the dropdown menu below your name under ‘Personal details’. Use your UEF username and password to log in to WebOodi.

Student ID card orders are placed online at You can order either a plastic or a digital student ID card. More detailed instructions on how to order a student ID card is provided on the website of the university’s Student Union ISYY.

Student benefits

You are entitled to student benefits starting from the beginning of the academic term on 1 August (in the spring term, starting from 1 January).


By showing your student ID card, you will get a discount from the lunch prices based on Kela’s meal subsidy at most the campus restaurants. See UEf web site for more detailed information on campus restaurants and lunch menus.

If you do not receive your student card before your studies start, you can buy meals at discount prices by showing either your certificate of student status or the personal details page printed from WebOodi together with your photo ID. The certificate of student status is provided upon request by Student and Learning Services. Send your request preferably by email to: opiskelu(at) The personal details page to be printed from WebOodi can be found in the ’Personal details’ section. The student discount is available at the university’s student restaurants by presenting the certificate of student status/WebOodi’s personal details page up to the end of October, after which the student ID card must be presented to get the discount.


By showing your student ID card, you are also eligible for a discount on train tickets and intercity bus tickets.

Ordering the plastic student ID card may take several weeks. If you need to travel by train or intercity bus before you have received your student ID card, and you do not have access to a digital student ID card, you will need to get a temporary certificate or card from the Finnish Rail VR and Matkahuolto which proves that you are eligible for the student discount. For instructions on how to obtain this certificate/card, go to the websites of Finnish Rail VR and Matkahuolto.

NOTE! Matkahuolto no longer offers a universal student discount on transport services. The amount of discount offered to students may vary from one transport service operator to the next. Be sure to check what the discount price for students is from the transport service operator’s own website.
Check the student discount prices for local bus services for each campus city: Joensuu and Kuopio.


As a member of the Student Union, you are also entitled to a discount on student healthcare services at the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). All Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students who have paid their Student Union membership fee are entitled to use the services of FSHS. For more information on student healthcare services, go to the FSHS website.

Other discounts

Your student ID card also entitles you to discounts in other stores within the city where the campus is located. The discounts are not always advertised separately so do ask at the stores if they offer a student discount before paying. The website also includes a wide selection of different student discounts.