Studies in internationalisation 1131020, 25-35 cp

1131020 Studies in internationalisation 25–35 cp is a minor study module. This study module can be freely chosen, i.e., students do not have to apply for a minor study right, nor is the amount of students limited. The study module is targeted to Finnish-speaking students or those studying in programmes where the language of tuition is Finnish.

Learning outcomes

After completing the Studies in Internationalisation, the student

  • will be aware of the differences between cultures and their importance to everyday interactions
  • will be able to study their own culture from a comparative point of view and adapt their behaviour and communication to the situation
  • will have gained abilities to operate in global and multicultural working life
  • will have strengthened and diversified their language and communication skills

Contact persons

This module is coordinated by the amanuensis Hanna Reinikainen and the coordinators Juuso Loikkanen and Mia Laurila.

Email: kv-opintokokonaisuus at