Timetables - Lukari

The University of Eastern Finland offers a Lukari service, which you can use when planning your studies. You can use Lukari to plan, search, browse and print timetables for the education and training offered at the university. In addition, annual course-specific timetables are prepared for some academic subjects, and they can be found in Lukari.

With Lukari, you can:

  • search for education/training
  • select education/training to your timetable
  • remove education/training from your timetable
  • save the selected education/training so that it is ready the next time you view it
  • browse and print the times and locations of education/training selected to the timetable
  • export times to the calendar on Outlook and other services

Note! Not all academic subjects use Lukari. Information on the education and training offered at the University of Eastern Finland can be found in WebOodi. This information can also be browsed/viewed without logging in.

Personal timetable – Lukari