Transcript of academic records and study certificate

The transcript of records and the certification of student status that can be ordered through WebOodi are digitally signed. They are as official as the traditional paper versions, signed and stamped, but only when used in their original pdf format. This means that you should not print them, or alter or edit the files in any way.

You can find the function in WebOodi in Tools – Transcripts and certifications of student status.  Both documents are available in Finnish and in English.

Read more on digital signature in Kamu at

If you need a signed and stamped paper document you may request it from Student and Learning Services. If the office is closed, it is possible to get one at the IT Helpdesk in library or order at UEF E-services.

The studies completed at the University of Eastern Finland will automatically appear in a transcript of academic records. The transcript includes information about completed courses, grades and ECTS credits, teachers’ names, etc. The credits will appear in the transcript only after a course is completed and graded. This takes a few weeks, e.g. after an exam. Please note that only passed courses show in the official transcript.

Temporary study certificates

Finnish Rail VR or Matkahuolto may request a temporary study certificate, especially if you have not yet received your student card. For these purposes both the VR and Matkahuolto have their own forms that you must fill in and have them signed by the Student and Learning Services. For further information, see Student card and student discounts.