What is Kamu?

Welcome to the Kamu Student Handbook! Kamu is a constantly developing knowledge base for students where you can find instructions, services and bulletins common to all students.

The Kamu Student Handbook has been designed for mobile devices and its use does not require logging in. The information in the handbook is grouped into logical groups, but you do not need to know under which heading the information you need might hide: you can use the search function to conveniently find it.

The information is currently divided into the following groups:

Follow topical communications on Yammer

Yammer has been established as the main channel of the internal communications of students and staff. Information concerning all students is shared in Yammer’s UEF // Students group, where you can comment on and discuss messages. For individual courses, study year, major subject, etc., teachers, supervisors and course leaders – and you, too – can create Yammer groups where information related to the subject can be shared and have discussions. You can access Yammer by entering the O365 environment via the Kamu or the university’s website.

A simple and free app version of Yammer is also available. You can download it to your phone or tablet from your device’s application store. This allows you to participate in the discussions from anywhere and at any time.

And this is not all – we are developing the service taking feedback into consideration

Your feedback is important to the development of Kamu. So, give feedback, comments and development ideas in the speech bubble found on every page in Kamu. If you wish to receive a reply, leave your contact information.

More information on the Student Handbook and Study Communities 

Sari Pitkänen (sari.h.pitkanen (at) uef.fi), Student Services