12170 Studies English Language and Culture

English Language and Culture, Joensuu

Courses in English Language and Culture, Joensuu, in 2021-22

Courses are available only to those exchange students who study English at their home universities as a major or minor subject.

Bachelor level courses

Autumn, 2130353, Sounds of English, 2 ECTS
Autumn, 2130357, Trends in Anglophone literatures, 1 ECTS
Autumn, 2130359, British studies, 3 ECTS
Autumn, 2130442, Structures of English 2, 3 ECTS
Autumn, 2130443, Changing English, 3 ECTS
Autumn, 2130446, 20th and 21st-Century Literature: Modern and Contemporary Narratives, 4 ECTS
Spring, 2130354, Structures of English 1, 3 ECTS
Spring, 2130355, Exploring English, 1 ECTS
Spring, 2130356, Intercultural communication, 1 ECTS
Spring, 2130360, American studies, 2 ECTS
Spring, 2130444, English as a World Language, 3 ECTS
Spring, 2130445, Nineteenth-Century Realisms: Race, Class, and Gender, 4 ECTS
Spring, 2130447, Shakespeare as an Icon, 3 ECTS

Master level courses

The selection of master level courses will be announced later.

Unit: School of Humanities

Contact person: Elina Arminen, elina.arminen@uef.fi