22206 Registration

Registration instructions

General information concerning registration

International Master’s Degree Students (First Year)

Prior to registration, first-year students are required to formally accept their study place by using the link they have received from UEF by email. The degree programme will inform the deadline for confirming the study place and it may change annually. If you do not confirm your study place, you will forfeit it.

If you are obliged to pay a tuition fee, pay the fee by deadline. Instructions on invoices will be sent to you by email. The tuition fee and the Student Union fee must be paid before the registration. The Student Union membership fees change every academic year.

After you have paid the tuition fee (if applicable), you can register online by logging into My Studyinfo with the same confirmation link you used for confirming your study place. Then proceed to register in the Oili registration service. Register as present (i.e. attending) and pay the student union fee by deadline.

If you cannot register online, you should register in person at the Student and Learning Services. If you know that you will arrive in Finland after the deadline for registration, please send an e-mail to opiskelu@uef.fi and explain your situation.

Upon registration, your information will be entered into the student register.

Once registered, you will get a student certificate. By showing this certificate, you will get a substantial discount on meals at certain campus restaurants and you are entitled to use the services provided by Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) until you get your student card. NOTE! The services of FSHS are not available for exchange students!

You will also get instructions on how to activate your user account for the university’s IT services (e.g. email, WebOodi etc.) upon registration. The user account can be used in approximately one hour after the activation once your study right is valid. Please note, however, that your user account may not have all the necessary user rights at once, as new students get their final user rights only after registering at the university and after their information has been updated in the IDM system. This can take up to one day.

Registration as Being Absent

Registration after the First Year or for one semester only

Delays in Registration or Failure to Register