25807 Sivuaine: Tourism Business

Tourism Business, minor (25 ECTS)

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world, corresponding to about 10 % of the global GDP. From the business perspective tourism has many peculiarities. Destinations play a great role in the tourist information search process, and thus in tourism marketing and management. In many tourism destinations seasonality creates unique challenges for tourism business. There is increasing demand for sustainability in tourism business, requiring transformative business practices. Also, continuous change in the technological landscape in tourism business requires novel marketing and management skills and knowledge. During these Tourism Business studies you will learn sustainable business practices based on customer insights in smart tourism destinations. These studies are suitable for everyone interested in developing their understanding of the tourism business landscape in increasingly digital and sustainable marketplace.

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Vastuuyksikkö: Kauppatieteiden laitos, Joensuun kampus

Responsible unit: UEF Business School, Joensuu Campus