Lending Machine User Manual

Lending times

You can check out a device for maximum four (4) hours at a time and maximum three (3) times a day. The device must be returned 15 minutes before the facilities close: in Kuopio check the Oppari opening hours and in Joensuu check the UEF Library opening hours).

You have to register as a user with the Lending Machine's interface when checkin out an item for the first time. By checking out an item, you accept the Terms of Service (presented below).

  1. Press “Is this your first time?”
  2. Enter your phone number (in the international format, e.g. +358..)
  3. Enter your username as username@uef.fi and your password
  4. Scan the card you'd like to activate at the card reader below the display
  5. You will receive a PIN-code to your phone that you will need to use whlile checking at item out. Save the PIN-code!

Checking an item out
  1. Press the device you want to check out
  2. Scan your library card at the card reader below the Lending Machine's display
  3. Enter your PIN-code (if you don’t have a PIN-code, you can ask for a new one)
  4. Take the IT device out of the locker when its door opens, remember to shut the locker door!

Checking an item in
  1. Choose the device you want to check in
  2. Scan your activated library card at the card reader below the display
  3. Choose “Check in item” or, if necessary, “Leave reclamation and check in item”
  4. Attach the device to its power cord and the network cable and shut the locker door

Using a checked-out laptop
  1. Connect to a wireless network (preferrably, Eduroam, UEF-Open for web browsing only)
  2. Log onto the computer with your username@uef.fi
  3. Shut down the computer after using it, so that your data will get wiped out from its harddrive
  4. Don’t save any files on the computer's harddrive, but rather use Onedrive and other cloud storage solutions, as the data cannot be restored from the computer harddrive after you check it back in
Using a checked-out iPad
  1. If not yet connected, connect to a wireless network (Eduroam preferably, or UEF-Open)
  2. Before checking the iPad back in, remember to log out of every web service you have used!
  3. Delete your browsing history, it won’t get deleted by itself
Terms of Service and Fines for late returns

You accept these Terms of Use when checking out a device:

  1. You can check out a device for max. four (4) hours at a time and max. three (3) times a day.
  2. If you encounter faults in the operation of a device, check the device in by choosing the “Leave reclamation and check in item” option.
  3. You will receive an email notification 30 minutes before the lending time ends.
  4. If you fail to check the device in before the lending time ends, the UEF will enforce the following measures:
    –    your user account will be disabled;
    –    there will be a charge of 100 € per every 24 hours of non-return;
  5. The borrower is fully responsible for the device for the time of the checkout. The borrower will be accountable for the repairs of the device or charged the device's full purchase price (incl. taxes) if the device is broken or never checked backed in.
  6. The IT Services of University of Eastern Finland is in charge of the administration of the devices. You may ask for help at the IT Servicedesk and Oppari.