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Wellbeing of doctoral researchers [page]

Conducting doctoral studies is interesting and intriguing. It is also challenging, and an engagement of several years. Research may not proceed well, and funding may cease leading to a need to obtain another job. Therefore, it is important to proactively take care of your well being. The major stress factors according to an extensive (n=6000) […]

Student communications [page]

Yammer The UEF Opiskelijat // UEF Students community in Yammer is the main channel for UEF student communications. The content includes news and bulletins for all students (including the News page in Kamu) other informal communication In addition to the UEF Opiskelijat//UEF Students community, Yammer is also a good place to follow the UEF Ajankohtaista//UEF Current News community, […]

Safety and security [page]

The crime rate is low in Finland in comparison to most other European countries. Visitors have little need to fear for their personal safety or their property. Nevertheless, reasonable caution with personal belongings is always recommended as a precaution. Incoming international students are reminded to take into consideration that although Finland is a safe, tolerant […]

Campus pastors [page]

What is a campus pastor? Campus pastors are assigned by the Church on campuses for students and staff. They act in the university community as experts in communality and the growth, changes, and learning of personal life. Activities of the campus pastor The campus pastors offer individual guidance by offering verbal aid for personal growth […]