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Study regulations [page]

1 January 2021 I General Section 1. Scope of application of the Study Regulations Under Section 14 of the Universities Act (558/2009), the Board of the University of Eastern Finland has, on 14 December 2020, adopted the following Study Regulations which are applied at the university, alongside the provisions laid down in acts, decrees and […]

Studies for exchange students [page]

Courses for Exchange Students UEF offers a lot of courses which can be completed entirely in English. These studies are offered for the incoming exchange students and the visiting students on both campuses in Joensuu and in Kuopio. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic changes in course offerings (such as transferring courses into online […]

Ethical guidelines for teaching and studying [page]

The ethical guidelines for teaching and studying at the University of Eastern Finland contain: 1. Procedure in cases of suspected fraud (from 29th of January 2021) 2. Remote supervision of exams 3. Principles of publicity in remote university teaching   The ethical guidelines for teaching and studying at the University of Eastern Finland also include […]

Guidance on research ethics [page]

Good scientific practice Commitment to good scientific practice is primarily up to you, but also to your supervisor, the whole research team, the head of your research unit and the leadership of the University. In addition to good scientific practice you must take into account valid legislation. At the University of Eastern Finland, violations of […]

Guidance and supervision in doctoral education [page]

You are not alone with your doctoral studies! Guidance is provided primary by your Doctoral Programme and its coordinator. Also the faculty-specific officers provide guidance. In issues related to your research, please, contact your supervisor(s).

University Study Skills 8031003, 1 cp [page]

Hi there new student! Are you looking for support to get your studies started? Would you like to learn new study skills to enhance your learning? What does it actually take to study at a Finnish university? Where to get help if you feel home sick or stressed? University Study Skills (8031003, 1 CP) The […]

Student’s obligations [page]

Studying at the university has very few restrictions. With this freedom comes responsibility for your own studies and completing them in a timely manner. Students are helped with planning their studies, but usually not without them asking for help and support first. Students are also responsible for finding out what is needed to complete their […]

Handbook of doctoral education [page]

Contents This index helps you to locate the piece of information you are looking for. Doctoral education and applying Doctoral education in general Structure, organisation and actors of doctoral education at the University of Eastern Finland Dissertation and doctoral studies Applying General instructions for applying Links to specific instructions of doctoral programmes Doctoral education in […]

Electronic plagiarism detection tool [page]

Electronic plagiarism detection tool University of Eastern Finland is using an electronic plagiarism system, Turnitin (opens in a new tab). It can be accessed only through Moodle. How to use Turnitin The system has been integrated with the online learning environment Moodle. Students can test their theses or other written work independently by submitting them […]

Philosophical Faculty’s requirements and evaluation of a doctoral dissertation [page]

An eligible doctoral dissertation may be a monograph or a collection of research articles. A collection of research articles consists of scientific publications or manuscripts, outlined in an independent summary, which examine the same set of problems. The number of articles required is determined by the Philosophical Faculty. A doctoral dissertation in the form of […]