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Starting your studies at UEF [page]

How to Start Your Studies at UEF? Make sure you keep in touch with your programme/academic coordinator and with your student tutor. Study the orientation material in Kamu and in Moodle (opens in a new tab) before the webinars. Complete the UEF Digistartti. Join the orientation webinars. Join the orientation of your own programme if […]

Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance (KELA announcement 9.6.2020) [article]

Were you granted a place of study? Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance New students should apply for student financial aid and general housing allowance in time. Student financial aid and housing allowance are applied for on separate applications. New students can apply for student financial aid when the place of […]

Student housing [page]

The student housing is offered by independent, non-profit student housing companies, that are not part of the University of Eastern Finland. They offer accommodation in different parts of the city but no on-campus dormitories are available. As an exchange student you can apply for housing as soon as you have received the official Letter of […]

Registration as being present or absent [page]

Present Students generally register as present because only those who register as present can participate in education and training, take examinations and complete a degree, in addition to being eligible for student financial aid. Registering as present is also mandatory for any periods spent studying abroad as an exchange student. According to the Universities Act, […]

Checklist for new students [page]

Welcome to UEF! Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Eastern Finland! We are excited to have you on board. Being a new student, you are bound to have questions. These pages contain all the necessary information you need to get started with your studies at UEF, from planning your journey to Finland to the first […]

Support Channels for Students [page]

NOTE! During coronavirus pandemia, our services are available mostly online or by phone, customer service hours are restricted. eService website On the eServices website (opens in a new tab), you can request online support for use of different UEF services or report on any disruptions. The use of the e-Services requires a UEF user […]

Funding your studies abroad [page]

General information The tuition fees of the host university are waived for the outgoing exchange students who go on exchange via the exchange programmes or bilateral agreements of University of Eastern Finland. However, the outgoing exchange students should be prepared for other costs (study materials, membership fees, photocopies, etc.) In most student exchange programmes (including […]

FAQ: Frequently asked questions on student exchange [page]

Why is student exchange a good idea? Studying abroad often gives a new and broader perspective to your own field of study and offers the chance to take courses not provided by your home university. The exchange period will improve your language and intercultural communication skills. You will make new friends, gain experiences and confidence, […]

Kela’s press release for Students: Return overpaid financial aid by the end of April [article]

If you want to voluntarily repay student financial aid for 2020, you must do this before the end of April 2021. If overpaid financial aid is not returned in time, it is collected back at 7.5% interest. Students whose income for 2020 exceeds a specified annual limit can voluntarily return overpaid study grant and student […]