Disclosing information from student register

The keeping of the university’s student information system Oodi and its information content are governed by the Universities Act, the Universities Decree, the Decree on University Degrees, and the University of Eastern Finland Degree Regulations.

The processing of personal data in the student information system, including disclosure of information, is governed by the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999) and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (Laki viranomaisten toiminnan julkisuudesta 621/1999).

Personal data collection in Oodi (pdf in Finnish)

Disclosing information to authorities

The university is obliged by law to disclose personal data from the student information system to various authorities on a regular basis (e.g. Statistics Finland, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish Student Health Service, Social Security Institution of Finland). The university also discloses personal data to the university’s own units for the purposes of monitoring of studies and planning of teaching.  The Student Union shall receive the information of its members.

Disclosing information for research purposes

Information may also be disclosed for the purposes of scientific or historical research. In these cases, the student information disclosure request needs to be accompanied by a brief research plan or other description of the use of the information.

Personal data disclosed for research purposes need to be destroyed, archived or altered so that the data subjects cannot be identified after the personal data in question is no longer needed for research purposes (Personal Data Act 523/1999).

Disclosing information for purposes that are promoting the interests of students

In addition to what is stated above, information may, at the student’s consent, be disclosed from the student register to associations and organisations which can be regarded as promoting the interests of students. For these purposes, however, information is only disclosed on those students who have given their separate consent. In order to obtain the information, the association, organisation, company, etc. requesting student information needs to obtain the university’s permission. Information is not disclosed for marketing or commercial purposes.

Student information disclosure request

The person writing the study / thesis, association, organisation or other party requesting student information needs to fill out the Student Information Disclosure Request. Application forms are also available at Student and Learning Services at the Joensuu Campus and the Kuopio Campus. The application form should be filled out and returned to Student and Learning Services at the Joensuu Campus or the Kuopio Campus.

The processing time of information disclosure applications is 1–3 weeks.

Form: Student Information Disclosure Request (pdf)

The university adheres to the principles of good register-keeping and requires that parties requesting student information have a relevant relationship to the group on which data is requested.

You may control the disclosure of your contact information in WebOodi

You may control the disclosure of your contact details in WebOodi under Personal data > Conditions for giving out student information. However, you may be included in a scientific research despite having restricted the disclosure of your data.

Persons to be contacted in matters relating to information disclosure

Anne Litja
Tel. +358 40 3553 308

Tarja Pakarinen
Tel. +358 50 4080 223

Student and Learning Services:

Joensuu Campus
Street address: Yliopistokatu 2, Aurora building, entrance A, ground floor
Postal address: University of Eastern Finland, Student and Learning Services, Joensuu Campus, P. O. Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland

Kuopio Campus
Street address: Yliopistonranta 1 B, Canthia
Postal address: University of Eastern Finland, Student and Learning Services, Kuopio Campus, P.O. Box 1627, FI-70211 Kuopio, Finland