Electronic exams: facilities and practices

Electronic exam systems can be used to implement exams, book exams and maturity tests in facilities equipped with automated video surveillance. However, this is not the same as a Moodle online exam.

Electronic exam systems are suitable for implementing exams in which, instead of having the same questions for all students, the exam system allots an individual set of questions to each student from a group of questions prepared by the teacher. In other words, electronic exam systems are not suitable for implementing exams in which the same questions are simultaneously presented to all the participants, cf. general examinations.

The exam is available for a specific time period, or until further notice, allowing students to take the exam according to their own schedule. Exams implemented with exam systems can be taken at Joensuu and Kuopio campuses.

Exam spaces

Exam spaces have video surveillance. Spot checks in which all the exam participants’ identities are checked are also conducted in the exam spaces. Always have your personal ID or student ID card with you at the exam!

If you leave the exam space before you have completed the exam, you are not allowed to return and continue with the same exam.

If you are unsure about any technical aspects of the exam, you should take the exam when Oppari is open.

There is absolute silence in the exams and you will not be able to discuss there.

Take with you to the exam space

  • your student ID card or personal ID

You are allowed to bring to the exam space

  • a bottle of water that has no label
  • a whiteboard and pen available from Oppari (to be returned to the mailbox inside the exam space)

You are not allowed to bring to the exam space

  • a backpack/bag
  • outdoor clothes
  • a phone
  • a wrist watch or other wearable smart devices
  • tools for making notes

You can leave your extra items in a lockable cabinet outside the exam space.

Violation/negligence of just one of these rules may lead to failing the exam.

Joensuu campus:

  • Carelia building, 2nd floor, hall 2A (social sciences). The hall has 10 computers.
  • Natura building, N112, 1st floor. The space has 14 computers.

Kuopio campus:

  • Mediteknia building, 1029, 1st floor. The space has eight computers. NOTE! Some noise may be caused in the daytime in the exam space for electronic exams originating from the construction work nearby. If necessary, postpone your electronic exam or, if you think that the noise will not prevent you from completing the exam, ask for earplugs at the desk when you arrive for the exam.
  • Canthia building, CA205, 2nd floor. The space has 12 computers.

Access to exam spaces

You have two ways of accessing the exam space to choose from:

  1. Use your personal access badge, which you can pick up from key services. See Personal access badge to electronic exam facilities. Access to electronic exam spaces is easier with an access badge, and the badge also gives you the opportunity to exploit the extended opening hours. You will not need to go to the exam through Oppari’s service desk.
  2. Pick up the one-time access ID before your exam starts from Oppari’s service desk (NOTE! To do this, check Oppari’s service times for picking up access ID).

Oppari desks:

  • Joensuu: Carelia building, 1st floor. If your exam starts at 8.00, come to the library’s main door at 7.50. The IT advice staff will open the library door for you.
  • Kuopio: Canthia building, 2nd floor.

Special purposes examination facilities

Special purposes examination facilities are at the disposal of students who have the right to special arrangements. The special purpose examination facilities are located in Carelia CK250 on Joensuu campus and in Canthia CA206 on Kuopio campus.

For further information, see How to use the special purposes examination facilities?


Procedural instructions for taking an electronic exam including the deadlines for grading (in Finnish) (pdf)

For exam registrations and reservations see: Exam service
See also Kamu: Exam instructions to students
See also Heimo: Exam instructions to teachers (login required)

Further information: servicedesk(at)uef.fi