How to use the special purposes examination facilities?

Right to use special purpose examination facilities

Special purposes examination facilities are at the disposal of students who have the right to special arrangements. Before examination, contact the responsible teacher and agree upon special arrangements in examination.

Special purpose examination facilities are located in Carelia CK250 on Joensuu campus and in Canthia CA206 on Kuopio campus. Both the facilities have recording camera surveillance.

Students’ instructions

Booking the special purpose examination facility

In special purposes examination facility you can sit an electronic examination or a paper examination. You can use a regular computer or a computer equipped with special software or other aids such as speech synthesizer or braille display. To book a special purpose examination facility:

  • Log into the Exam with your UEF username.
  • Make a reservation, see Electronic Exam: Instructions for Students
  • Special purpose examination facilities are called Joensuu Erityistenttitila / Special Purposes and Kuopio Erityistenttitila / Special Purpose

If you do not need other aids but a prolonged time for sitting the examination you do not need a special purpose facility, instead you may reserve also any other Exam facility.

Special software and aid

If you need, and have the right to use, special software or aid to sit your examination you request installation and test run at at least one week before the examination day. By requesting the test run you ensure that all the necessary aids, drivers and software are functioning on the day of your examination.

Arriving at the examination

Everything that you need to sit the examination are downloaded into the Exam service. Take a student card with you and leave your bag and all the other belongings to a locker. You are allowed to take a water bottle with you but you must remove the label or any other text elements from it.

If you need a pen and paper to sketch your answers, ask for a writing board and a pen at the IT service desk Oppari. After the examination, you may leave these in the examination room or in a mailbox immediately outside of the room.

On Joensuu campus: Before the examination, proof your identity at the Oppari service desk at the UEF library in Carelia building, 1st floor. If your exam begins at 8.00 a.m., arrive at the library main door at 7.50 a.m. Oppari staff member will show you to the examination facility.

On Kuopio campus: Before the examination, proof your identity at the Oppari service desk in Canthia building, 2nd floor. Oppari staff member will show you to the examination facility.

During the examination

If you are sitting a paper examination, leave your answers in a mailbox located in the examination facility or immediately outside of it. If you are using a regular computer to write your answers, print them out, put them in a sealed envelope and leave the envelope in the mailbox.

If you encounter any problems, press alarm button. Stay in the examination facility and wait for the Oppari staff to arrive. Please note, that you cannot leave the examination facility during your examination.

In case of fire alarm, leave the examination facility immediately. Contact Oppari service desk as soon as it is possible to return to the building.