Insurance cover for students

Students completing a degree at the University of Eastern Finland are covered under the university’s accident insurance policy, which is compliant with the Act on Studies-related Accidents. The insurance covers accidents that have occurred in conditions typical of studying during a person’s participation in practical teaching that can be paralleled with work or in an unpaid internship which is compliant with the curriculum or the basics of the degree, either within the institution or at an external host organisation.

The statutory accident insurance policy does not cover accidents occurring during lectures, breaks or on the regular way to or from the university. As regards internships, the insurance policy only covers unpaid internships. If the student receives salary during the internship, the student will be covered under the accident insurance policy of the employer. Non-Finnish students are covered under the insurance policy in Finland irrespective of their nationality, provided that they have enrolled as degree-seeking students at a Finnish educational institution.

The insurance policy is in force everywhere in the world. The accident insurance policy is also in force during a degree-related practical training abroad, provided that the training abroad is included in the student’s curriculum at the University of Eastern Finland. However, it is important to notice that the insurance policy is an accident insurance policy which is only in force as regards practical work. When travelling abroad, it is always recommended to take out a travel insurance policy which complements the insurance coverage also as regards travel illness, discontinuation, cancellation, and transportation back home.

The third party liability insurance policy of the University of Eastern Finland covers university students and exchange students as regards work in which they can be paralleled with university staff (i.e. they work under the supervision and instruction of the university’s hired staff).  The university’s third party liability insurance is not in force when the student’s internship takes place outside the university. Furthermore, university’s own students who have gone on exchange are not covered under the third party liability insurance.

Further information on matters relating to accidents of students:

  • Joensuu Campus: Kari Reinikainen
  • Kuopio Campus: Riitta Meuronen