JOO - flexible study right studies

The national agreement on flexible study rights (JOO) came into effect on 1 August 2004. According to the agreement, the undergraduate and postgraduate students of all the Finnish universities have the opportunity to include in their degree minor subject studies from the offering of other Finnish universities regardless of the university in which they have the right to complete their degrees.

On this page, you can find instructions for students of the University of Eastern Finland who are applying for a flexible study right (JOO) in another Finnish university. Instructions for students of other universities applying for a flexible study right in the University of Eastern Finland can be found on the Hae yliopistoon website (in Finnish).

Applying for a flexible study right

Your application is processed in both your home university and target university. You should reserve a sufficient amount of time for the JOO application process (around one-and-a-half to two months). First submit your application to your home university for approval. The application periods of the University of Eastern Finland for support processing end on 31 March and 30 September, and for admittance processing on 30 April and 31 October.

The stages of the application process:

  1. Prepare a study plan according to the instructions of your home university and include the JOO studies as part of your personal study plan.
  2. Examine the JOO study offering of the target university and include the schedule of the JOO studies you chose in your study plan.
  3. Examine the JOO instructions of the target university and check the application periods of the JOO studies or, in case of admissions open throughout the year, the time the studies begin.
  4. Submit the paper application form to your home university for approval (paper applications are to be submitted only to universities outside the electronic application system).
  5. Without approval, your application will not be processed by your target university. When your home university supports your application, it approves your planned JOO studies as part of your degree.
  6. If you receive the right to study in the target university, register for the studies according to the instructions of the target university. You must also be an attending student in the University of Eastern Finland during your JOO studies. After completing your studies, deliver an excerpt of the study register to your home university so that your studies can be entered in its study register.

Application form for a flexible study right JOO

University of Eastern Finland as the home university

Application for a flexible study right and its processing

University of Eastern Finland no longer accepts electronic application. As of 1 January 2015, applications are submitted on paper forms. The application periods for approval processing by the University of Eastern Finland end on 31 March and 30 September. The student must find out the application periods of the target university, as they may vary.

General and university-specific instructions on JOO application

Approval processing

Most the target universities use electronic JOOPAS application system. If the target university does not use electronic JOO applications, the right to study is applied for on a paper form that can be printed out from the JOOPAS service. You must submit the paper application to your own faculty’s processor (see below for the contact information). You must attach an approved personal study plan and transcript of records to the application electronically.

JOOPAS electronic application system

JOO application form (pdf)

Criteria for approval

  • The JOO studies or equivalent studies applied for must not be offered by the University of Eastern Finland.
  • The JOO studies applied for must not exceed the minimum number of credits required for the student’s degree together with the student’s other studies, and they must be included in an approved personal study plan.
  • Students may not apply for JOO studies during their first year of studying at the Bachelor’s stage.
  • The student must have completed a minimum of 50 ECTS credits that are from studies that are a part of his or her degree, and the credits must include the basic studies of the major subject.
  • At least 25 ECTS credits of the studies must have been completed during the calendar year before the application date.
  • The student may apply for a flexible study right for studies not exceeding one basic study module, or around 25 ECTS credits. This number may be exceeded only for an extremely well justified reason.
  • The faculty will support only one study module at a time, even if the student had applied for several study modules. In exceptional cases, individual courses may be supported.
  • When approvals are being considered, students completing a bachelor’s degree have priority. An application by a student completing a postgraduate degree is supported only in exceptional cases.
  • When considering its approval, the faculty may also use the employment effect of the degree as a consideration, i.e., assess how purposeful the JOO studies applied for are with regard to the degree as a whole from the perspective of the student’s employment prospects.
  • The faculty may also use, for example, financial criteria as grounds for its support decision.
  • The faculties of the University of Eastern Finland may have separate agreements concerning the exchange of studies with other universities outside the JOO system. These agreements are mentioned in the study guides of the faculties in question.

Duration of the approved right to study

The approval of the JOO application remains valid for no more than two (2) years from the date of approval.

Application delivery address

Electronic application. A paper application is delivered to your faculty’s processor.

Delivery of an approved application to the target university

The application is sent electronically, and the student may follow the progress of his or her application in the application system. The University of Eastern Finland delivers the approved paper applications to the target university and returns unapproved applications back to the applicants. The approval decision may not be appealed.

Inclusion of completed JOO studies in the degree

The student must deliver a transcript of records of the target university for the completed JOO studies to his or her own faculty in his or her home university in order to have the studies entered in the study register.

Contact information of the approval processors by faculty

Email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Philosophical Faculty: Tuula Nissinen, tel +358 294 452030

Faculty of Science and Forestry: Kaisa Laitinen, tel. +358 294 453003

Faculty of Health Sciences: Kati Nykänen, tel. +358 294 454026

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies: Tuula Honkanen (Joensuu campus), tel. +358 294 455062; Sirkka Tuovinen (Kuopio campus), tel. +358 294 455312