Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is part of the early-stage guidance offered to students. The key goal of tutoring is to help with the integration of new students into the university.

Peer tutors are older students, often from the same field of study, who volunteer to help you with the practical side of starting your studies. Tutors are trained to help incoming students adapt to Finland, the new town and the University of Eastern Finland.

Tutors provide practical orientation to new students, introducing them to the university’s services and environment, as well as to their new place of residence. They will help you to familiarise yourself with everyday routines (e.g. banks, shopping, housing) and show you around the town and the university campus. Tutors are also an excellent source of tips for studying and about other aspects of student life.

Take part in tutoring and meet your own tutor during the orientation week

The University of Eastern Finland will provide each new student with a peer tutor. Your tutor will contact you by e-mail a few weeks before the semester begins. When your student tutor contacts you, please reply to the message so that they know you received it. And as soon as you know your arrival details, please inform your student tutor about them.

Peer tutoring starts upon your arrival and continues on the the first week of September as part of the ‘Orientation for International Students’ course. This is where you get to meet your own tutor, if not before, and new students are split into tutoring groups based on their field of study. We hope to see you there!

Taking part in peer tutoring gives you an opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the staff of your own academic subject. At the University of Eastern Finland, peer tutoring is generally implemented in small groups. Peer tutors provide in total approximately ten hours of tutoring per group.

Students who start their studies in the spring term should contact the person who is in charge of advising in their academic subject (see next paragraph) to find out who their peer tutor is.

Academic advising

Guidance and advice on planning studies, selecting the courses and the content of the studies is provided by the staff of your academic subject. These are not included in the duties of peer tutors. A member of staff of the academic subject, usually the course coordinator, is there to assist you with any matters that your peer tutor is unable to help you with. See advising staff for the academic subject/unit.

If you are unable to attend

If you are unable to attend the first meetings of the ‘Orientation for International Students’ course, you should firstly contact your course coordinator. She/he will help you get involved in the activities if you miss the initial meetings! The new students’ online materials for the orientation will also be helpful to you if you cannot attend all the events organised during the orientation week, for example. However, for you to get started with your studies properly, it is important that you familiarise yourself in advance with the materials provided online for new student in addition to participating in the peer tutoring organised by the university. Please also read your academic subject’s bulletins for new students.

Tutor coordination at UEF

Peer tutoring, bachelor’s degree students

Joensuu Campus: Mari Tirronen, Educational Psychologist, mari.tirronen[at], tel. +358 50 569 1806, and Piia Tiainen, Coordinator, piia.tiainen[at], tel. +358 50 582 6868
Kuopio Campus: Niina Räsänen, Coordinator, niina.rasanen[at], tel. 0+358 40 355 3058, and Katri Ruth, Educational psychologist, katri.ruth[at]

Peer tutoring for master’s degree students and exchange students

Both campuses: Kirsi Konttinen, Head of International Student Services, kirsi.konttinen[at], tel. +358 29 44 5817

Tutoring and orientation (services for incoming students)

Tuija Pasanen, Head of Student Services, tuija.pasanen[at], tel. 0358 29 44 58261

Would you like to become a peer tutor?

Applications are invited from new tutors every year in February. The unit in charge of organising tutoring is Student and Learning Services.

For more information on how to become a tutor, see: Tuutoroiti (in Finnish).