Personal access badge to electronic exam facilities

What personal access badge?

Personal access badge is an electronic key, which you can claim in order to access electronic exam facilities. This access badge is _personal_, and you may not give it to another person. Remember that when using the personal access badge, you may not use it to open doors for other persons, nor let other persons inside with it.

Why a personal access badge?

Personal access badge makes it more convenient for you to access electronic exam and to employ the extended opening hours of electronic exam facilities. Having one allows you to access electronic exam facilities without first checking in at Oppari desk. Exam facilities have camera surveillance and random inspections are done regularly. During these inspections, everyone’s identity is checked.

Which exam rooms can I access with personal identity badge?

In Joensuu, the following exam rooms can be accessed:

  • Natura N112, first floor. NOTE! Access to Natura is through door F
  • Carelia, 2nd floor, Room 2A (Social sciences)

In Kuopio, the following exam rooms can be accessed:

  • Mediteknia 1029, first floor. NOTE! Access to Mediteknia through entrance 2
  • Canthia CA205, second floor

When can I take an electronic exam?

  • Electronic exams can be taken in Joensuu Natura and Kuopio Mediteknia electronic exam facilities principally every day between 6:00-24:00 (6:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.)
  • Available exam hours are always visible in the electronic exam system
  • Joensuu Carelia and Kuopio Canthia electronic exam facilities are available during Oppari opening hours (check opening hours here)

From where can I get a personal access badge?

You can claim your personal access badge from key services on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9-12 (9:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m.), remember to check the opening hours for example, in the summer

  • Joensuu: Facilities Management, Aurora (B-entrance) room 1032
  • Kuopio: Facilities Management, Snellmania room 178/5

Does personal access badge cost?

You are required to pay a 40€ deposit for your badge. If you already have a deposit for another access badge, new access rights is added to your current badge. Deposit is paid to the key services cash registry. The deposit is returned back to you when you return your badge.

For how long will my personal access badge stay valid?

Your personal identity badge is valid from 1.9-31.8 and you have to renew it every year.

When will I have to return my badge?

You can return your badge as soon as you no longer need it. Your badge has to be returned before 6 months after your right to study ends.