Specialisation studies

Specialisation studies are a new form of education, offered alongside degree studies and continuing professional education. They are intended for those who are in the working life, have completed a higher university degree or have otherwise acquired the equivalent competence. In universities, specialisation studies are primarily completed after a higher university degree. The extent of the specialisation studies is a minimum of 30 ECTS credits.

Specialisation studies are often offered in cooperation between two or more universities. Students are selected for a specific university (= home university) and they may also complete studies in other universities (= partner university).


You can apply for specialisation studies using the specific form for the studies. The application is announced on the website of the unit/faculty arranging the specialisation studies.

Registration in the university

The unit arranging the studies will send registration instructions to the students selected for the specialisation studies. The students selected for the specialisation studies are given the right to study in the student registers of all universities in which they will study.

Recording of study attainments

Studies completed during the specialisation studies are recorded in the study register of the university in which the student completes the attainment.

Instructions for the staff

Instructions on arranging specialisation studies can be found in Heimo (in Finnish, login required)