UEF library

University library

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Library is a public scientific library offering state-of-the-art library and information services especially for the university’s 3000 staff members and 13 000 students. However, the library is also open to everyone else who is seeking information. The University of Eastern Finland Library is one single administrative entity which comprises the campus libraries in Joensuu and Kuopio, and the Kuopio University Hospital Medical Library.

UEF library offers a wide selection of printed and electronic resources such as course books, research literature, scientific journals and academic theses. UEF Library is one of the six legal deposit libraries in Finland. The collection has accumulated partially since 1981, and it includes printed and electronic publications and journals as well as databases for information retrieval.

Information on the printed and electronic materials can be found in the UEF Finna – course books, other books, periodicals, databases, loan renewals, reservations, remote access and much more. The university aims at multidisciplinarity which is supported by the easy accessibility to the UEF library’s collections and digital services from each campus. It the material cannot be found from the UEF Library’s collections, it can be requested from other libraries.

Library’s basic services are free of charge and available during the library’s opening hours. They also offer chargeable services. Information on the library’s services and materials as well as fees and payment you can find on the library’s websites.

Students will be acquainted with the library at the beginning of the studies on the introductory course Information skills and sources for International Students (1 cp) and with the tutor group visits to the library. Every autumn, the library organizes new reception hours for students, focusing on sharing information effectively from the library. As the studies progress, library information specialists give instructions and guidance on information retrieval. Course information is available in WebOodi.