Web survey forms

Web surveys can be used to create and implement questionnaires concerning work and studies.


E-lomake (E-form) is a form builder app that can be used with a web browser. The UEF username and password is required to log in to the service. Once logged in, you can create different kinds of forms and authorise other users who have access to the service to edit the form and/or view the responses. The responses can be viewed in the service or by exporting them on an Excel sheet or to the SPSS program.

Instructions for building survey forms are available in UEF//Wiki (in Finnish) and the website of the service provider, Eduix . To access the latter, after you have logged in, go to the ‘Instructions’ tab.

Microsoft Forms

Forms is one of the services included in Microsoft’s Office 365 package that can be used to create web surveys and polls. The responses can be viewed in the service or exported on an Excel sheet for further analysis. The service can be accessed via the app launcher of Office 365.

Microsoft instructions for building a survey form.