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Methods of completing studies [page]

Study Regulations describe how studies can be completed, and units responsible for courses (in Peppi: course implementations) have the authority to define the ways of completing courses in their curricula, including evaluation of study attainments. Students can complete studies individually or in groups through a variety of written and oral methods, such as lectures and […]

Electronic exam: instructions for students [page]

Student exam process in exam NOTE! The links take you to national guidelines that do not have the UEF Exam address (opens in a new tab). Check out the Electronic Exam: Facilities and Practices page, which also provides instructions for visiting exams, for example. Check from the Exam/teacher that the exam can be taken through […]

Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

Access to exam room You can go to the exam room on weekdays during the opening hours of the buildings without an access badge and without visiting Oppari’s sevice desk. NOTE! In the evenings, on weekends and public holidays, you will need either a personal access badge or one time access badge from Oppari to […]

Digital environment [page]

You can find digital environment for students, for example: eServices, see more about eServices Exam is for electronic exams. Forms is a part of O365 and it is for web survey forms, Heimo, staff intra Wireless networks, wifi Media, eStream-service (Planet Estream), see more about eStream Moodle-environments (UEF-Moodle, DigiCampus-Moodle). Office 365 (included email Outlook, Yammer, OneDrive, Forms, […]

University glossary [page]

Academic quarter-hour? Demo? Faculty? For the definitions of these and many other words and concepts related to university life, see this vocabulary. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y  A Ablaut ry is the subject association for students of […]

Special exam facilities and practices [page]

Right to use special exam facilities Special exam facilities are at the disposal of students who have the right to individual arrangements (see more). Before examination, contact the responsible teacher and agree upon special arrangements in examination. Special exam facilities are located in Carelia 162 on Joensuu campus and in Canthia CA206 on Kuopio campus. […]