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Doctoral opinto-opas 2014-2015 [pdf]

…Postgraduate Seminar 3410411 2 Examinations Examinations in Inorganic Chemistry 3410401 Examinations in Physical Chemistry 3410402 Examinations in Materials Chemistry 3410403 Examinations in Organic Chemistry 3410404 It is also possible to…

UEF Doctoral Curricula 2016-2017 taitettu [pdf]

…3 x 3410411 Licentiate Seminar 2 3410401 Licentiate Examination in Inorganic Chemistry 3410402 Licentiate Examination in Physical Chemistry 3410403 Licentiate Examination in Materials Chemistry 3410404 Licentiate Examination in Organic Chemistry…

Accessibility in studies – aids and facilities [page]

…restaurant you intend to eat in beforehand. Contact information and locations of the campus restaurants Special purposes examination facilities Both the Joensuu and Kuopio campus have special purpose examination facilities….

Examinations [page]

examination periods at UEF. Examinations are scheduled throughout the academic year, not just at the end of each semester. An examination is usually held at the end of a course….

School of Humanities Study Guide 208-2019 [pdf]

…2110032 Maturity Examination in Finnish (MA) ECTS 2110034 Maturity Examination Swedish (MA) ECTS 2110036 Maturity Examination in a Foreign Language (MA) ECTS 2110038 Maturity Examination in Finnish as a Second…

Electronic exams: facilities and practices [page]

library door for you. Kuopio: Canthia building, 2nd floor. Special purposes examination facilities Special purposes examination facilities are at the disposal of students who have the right to special arrangements….

LuMet opinto-opas 2014-2015 [pdf]

…kemian loppukuulustelu (8 op) Cumulative Examinations in Physical Chemistry 3410345 Materiaalikemian loppukuulustelu (8 op) Cumulative Examination in Materials Chemistry 3410346 Orgaanisen kemian loppukuulustelu (8 op) Cumulative Examinations in Organic Chemistry…

University glossary [page]

…discussed from various perspectives based on source literature. Writing an essay can serve as an alternative way of completing a course. Exam is short for examination. Examination is a formal…