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Office 365 [page]

you can install Office on five terminals. Log in to the Office 365 service with your UEF username and password. In the upper left corner, click on ‘Office 365’. In…

Email [page]

All the UEF students and staff members are automatically provided with an email mailbox. Student email addresses look like Mailboxes reside in the Microsoft Office 365 environment and you…

E-tools and e-services [page]

…environment that contains course materials, exercises, discussion forums, etc. Microsoft Office 365 environment Includes features such as email, personal storage space, co-working forums, a digital notebook, Office tools (can be…

Web survey forms [page]

…in, go to the ‘Instructions’ tab. Microsoft Forms Forms is one of the services included in Microsoft’s Office 365 package that can be used to create web surveys and polls….

2018 Englanti SmartStart [pdf]

…(@) Sonja Nieminen sonjn (@) ECHO RY – englannin opiskelijat LINGTWISTI RY – kääntämisen opiskelijat Pysy kanavalla! Opintojasi koskevista asioista tiedotetaan… …opintoyhteisössä “Humanistisen osaston opintoyhteisö”. Opintoyhteisöt sijaisevat Office

2018 Kulttuurintutkimus SmartStart [pdf]

…Opintojasi koskevista asioista tiedotetaan… …opintoyhteisössä “Humanistisen osaston opintoyhteisö”. Opintoyhteisöt sijaisevat Office 365 -ympä- ristössä kirjautumisen takana, mutta ovat avoimia kaikille kirjautuneille. Seuraa aktiivisesti sekä hu- manistisen osaston että sivuaineidesi opintoyhteisöjä….

Study communities [page]

…information with programme-specific instructions such as structure and format of written work. Study communities are built in the Office 365 environment either as Sharepoint workspaces or Yammer social networking service,…

Moodle [page]

…wish to link Moodle and Office 365 service, familiarise yourself with the instructions. Course registration Once you have logged in to Moodle, the course list is shown in the middle….