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Practical Guide Joensuu 2020-2021 [pdf]

…to use it on any device. Kamu – Office365 Practical Guide 2020–2021 23 4.4.3 Moodle Moodle is an online learning environment that is… Continue Reading Practical Guide Joensuu 2020-2021

Practical Guide Kuopio 2020-2021 [pdf]

…use of Yammer at the University of Eastern Finland. Kamu is also mobile, allowing you to use it on any device. Kamu – Office365… Continue Reading Practical Guide Kuopio 2020-2021

Email [Student Book Search Tag]

All the UEF students and staff members are automatically provided with an email mailbox. Student email addresses look like Mailboxes reside in the Microsoft Office 365 environment and you… Continue Reading Email