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Studies for exchange students [page]

Courses for Exchange Students UEF offers a lot of courses which can be completed entirely in English. These studies are offered for the incoming exchange students and the visiting students on both campuses in Joensuu and in Kuopio. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic changes in course offerings (such as transferring courses into online […]

ePortfolio service [page]

The ePortfolio service offers students versatile online tools for building and developing their own portfolio. can be used to create and maintain a resumé, as well as to document and reflect upon your learning process, for example, by collecting and organising one’s own achievement and by writing in a learning diary and a […]

Digital environment [page]

You can find digital environment for students, for example: eServices, see more about eServices Exam is for electronic exams. Forms is a part of O365 and it is for web survey forms, Heimo, staff intra ePortfolio-service (part of Moodlesta) Wireless networks, wifi Lukari, timetables Media, eStream-service (Planet Estream), see more about eStream Moodle-environments (UEF-Moodle, Aducate-Moodle, Project-Moodle, […]

Career planning [page]

Career and Counselling Services offers an online course on Career Planning 1130007. The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships. Learning outcomes After successful completion of the course, the student will be expected to have the following information and skills: The rules of the Finnish […]

Career support [page]

Courses in career planning and job searching To support career planning and enhance job searching skills of doctoral students, UEF Doctora School organises annually two courses: 1145021 Career planning portfolio for PhD students The aim of the course is to help the doctoral student to identify his/her strengths, development needs, interests, values and goals related […]

Practical training [page]

Practical training during studies is a great opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, improve their professional skills, narrow down their career choices, and make direct contact with potential employers. Having work experience in your own discipline, no matter how brief the period of employment, gives you an advantage over others in […]

Transferable skills studies [page]

The aim of transferable skills courses is that the doctoral student familiarises him/herself with the theory and philosophy of science and research ethics and assumes a good scientific practice is able to plan a scientific research project, including problematisation, methods, resources and scheduling acquires good communication skills: general and scientific oral and writing skills and […]

Career Planning course 1130007, 2cp [page]

1130007 Career planning – seeking a job or traineeship in Finland 2 ECTS Career and Counselling Services offers an online course on career planning. The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships. The key code to the Moodle course is ‘job seeking‘. Learn​ing outcomes After […]

Student guidelines on the practices of supported practical training [page]

It is important for your future employment that you perform the voluntary on-the-job training included in your studies. It would also be desirable that you direct your gaze outside your home country and use your opportunity to complete international practical training during your studies. Complete the practical training and insert it into your personal study […]