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Studies for exchange students [page]

UEF offers a lot of courses which can be completed entirely in English. These studies are offered for the incoming exchange students and the visiting students on both campuses in Joensuu and in Kuopio. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic changes in course offerings (such as transferring courses into online environment) are possible at… Continue Reading Studies for exchange students

Starting your studies at UEF [page]

How to Start Your Studies at UEF? Make sure you keep in touch with your programme/academic coordinator and with your student tutor. Study the orientation material in Kamu and in Moodle (opens in a new tab) before the webinars. Complete the UEF Digistartti. Join the orientation webinars. Join the orientation of your own programme if… Continue Reading Starting your studies at UEF

Study guides [page]

The Practical Guide for International Students contains all the necessary information that a new international student needs upon arrival. Please note that there are two campus-specific booklets. Programme-specific study catalogues are available in WebOodi. Study guides 2018-2019 School of Humanities Study Guide 208-2019 (pdf)  

Minor subject studies in the UEF [page]

In our university, the main principle of minor subject studies is that the studies are offered to the student across campus borders. However, there are restrictions to admittance, proficiency tests or entrance examinations in some subjects or study programmes that apply to students of all campuses. These include languages, psychology, medicine, pharmacy, teacher training (including… Continue Reading Minor subject studies in the UEF

Student register – WebOodi [page]

The Oodi system is a student and study register that supports studies and teaching. Oodi has different interfaces for different user categories. The student interface is WebOodi, which is also available in English. WebOodi requires a username and a password which students get when they start their studies at the University of Eastern Finland. The… Continue Reading Student register – WebOodi

Signing up for courses [page]

Students are responsible for planning, scheduling and completing their studies and the academic coordinators are always happy to offer information on the courses. You register for the courses usually in WebOodi. Registration for courses requires a UEF username and password. You receive your username and password when you registering as a student. The course registration… Continue Reading Signing up for courses