About phishing

18.09.2018 Common, IT Services

Beware of any, even a little bit suspicious emails. Notice that the emails can come from addresses belonging to UEF staff or students. Do NOT click any links or give your username and password even if the page seems to be valid. Usually the address of the webpage reveals that the page is not a valid UEF-page (eg. xxx-weebly.com).
If you are not sure about the validity of the email, please contact IT Services: abuse [at] uef.fi.

If you get a phishing email:
1. If you don’t see a similar message in Yammer, forward the example message to abuse [at] uef.fi
2. Delete the message without clicking any links

If you have clicked the links or have suspicions regarding your information safety:
1. Change your UEF-password to a NEW one in uef.fi/en/tipa/unohditko-salasanasi or by visiting the Servicedesk with your ID in Carelia library or Canthia 2nd floor
2. If you cannot send messages to external addresses, please be in contact with servicedesk [at] uef.fi. Microsoft has then banned you as a spammer
3. The phishers have also created rules to the Inbox: you can delete the rules from the settings of the mail or ask for help from the Servicedesk