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Visa and residence permit [page]

Passport In general, a foreign citizen must carry a valid passport in order to enter Finland. Finland is a Schengen country (the link opens up in a new tab) and usually the checks at the common borders have been abolished. But under special conditions the border check can be introduced. The Schengen Area consists of […]

Completing courses [page]

Teaching methods Academic freedom is one of the basic values of the Finnish university system. It emphasises independent study and opens up many possibilities to students. In most cases, students can basically choose what to study and when to study. Some lectures, for example, may not be compulsory.  However, the practical sessions are usually always obligatory. […]

University glossary [page]

Academic quarter-hour? Demo? Faculty? For the definitions of these and many other words and concepts related to university life, see this vocabulary. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y  A Ablaut ry is the subject association for students of […]

Introduction to international studies [page]

As a UEF degree student, you can go on student exchange, get a traineeship abroad, and/or internationalise yourself at your home campus. University of Eastern Finland is involved in a number of international exchange programmes including hundreds of universities across the world. In addition, our university has signed co-operation agreements with dozens of universities across […]

Applying for student exchange and traineeship abroad [page]

General application periods Calls for exchange applications are published at the beginning of the application period in the Calls for applications for student exchange section. The first calls for applications are for exchange studies in the following autumn semester, in the following academic year, or the spring semester of the following academic year. The second […]

north2north [page]

The purpose of the north2north programme is to support mutual research and understanding of the northern regions and promote high-quality education in North America, the Nordic countries, and Russia. The north2north programme is the University of the Arctic’s internal student mobility programme. As a speciality of the programme, the studies of the participating students must […]

Bilateral exchange and bilateral agreements [page]

University of Eastern Finland has bilateral co-operation agreements with universities from various countries. Bilateral student exchange aims at reciprocity, which is why all universities may not be available for applications every year. The available universities will be listed in the call for applications that will be published at the beginning of the application period. For […]

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about student exchange [page]

Why is student exchange a good idea? Studying abroad often gives a new and broader perspective to your own field of study and offers the chance to take courses not provided by your home university. The exchange period will improve your language and intercultural communication skills. You will make new friends, gain experiences and confidence, […]