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The use of library’s e-resources and interlibrary loan services blocked from Russia and Belarus [article]

Access to library databases and other electronic materials is not possible from Russia and Belarus, since the UEF has blocked access to its electronic services requiring authentication with the university’s username and password from the Russian and Belarusian territory from 23 March 2022, due to sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus. The library’s interlibrary loan […]

Strategic planning and project management in Finnish-Russian cooperation context (4 ECTS) [article]

Are you interested in project work? Do you have an idea, but need support to implement your vision in practice? Do you want to strengthen your professional skills and networks, also internationally? How to succeed in cooperation with international partners? Projects can provide the basis for a wide range of development and they are also […]

Support for students and studying arrangements related to the war in Ukraine [page]

Russia’s military attack on Ukraine is causing concern in the UEF community. At the same time, the international sanctions against Russia affect the studying arrangements of the university. This website contains information about support channels for students, arrangements related to studying and useful links to sources of information. The university has set up a team […]

UEF expresses support for Ukrainian students and staff members [article]

The University of Eastern Finland condemns Russia’s military action in Ukraine and expresses its support for Ukrainian students and staff members. The University of Eastern Finland is an international and multicultural community with students and staff members representing over 100 nationalities. The recent events in Ukraine are causing concern within our community. There are Ukrainian […]

Break exercise program is available also for students ! [article]

Break Pro break exercise program is still available free of charge for UEF students and staff! Break Pro is a professional break exercise program. It reminds to take breaks while working and provides break exercise guidance based on the latest exercise recommendations. The program includes over a hundred short break exercise videos, ranging from the traditional […]

Bulletins and guidelines [page]

On this page: 1. Brexit and student exchanges (Updated 26 Jan 2024) Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union came into effect 1 January 2021, the current situation and future of student mobility to the UK has been uncertain. The UK is withdrawing from the Erasmus+ student mobility programme (as it’s funded by the […]

YUFE brings Europe to you – apply now! [article]

Application for the YUFE Introduction Offer is NOW open and you have the opportunity to start your YUFE Student Journey experience. Visit to apply by 15 September 2020! Please click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the YUFE website and fill out the registration form. YUFE offers a wide range of courses […]