Support for studies and well-being during summer

The Finnish Student Health Service operates normally during summertime.

Ohjaamos are one-stop guidance centres that operate in over 70 cities around Finland. You can get support regarding your well-being, studying, employment and housing. Generally, you can walk in without a prior appointment. You can find the contact information of your local Ohjaamo here.

Finnish Employment Services offer free-of-charge career counselling, face-to-face, online and via telephone. You can discuss your career-related thoughts with a psychologist confidentially. Book an appointment here.

Consultation from study psychologist in June

Are you struggling with summer studies? Would you like some support from the study psychologist? During the month of June it is possible to discuss any worries you may have with our study psychologist intern Katja. Send a contact request via SMS to the number +358 50 575 9687.

Click here to read more about UEF’s study psychologists and what issues they can help students with.

Clarification on the introduction of a digital degree certificate: paper copies will be issued in the future as well

The university announced the introduction of a digital degree certificate on 26 April 2022 (previous news release). The change to a digital certificate has received a lot of feedback, based on which the paper degree certificate is still considered an important sign of graduation. For this reason, the decision will be updated and specified in such a way that paper certificates will continue to be issued upon request.

The visual appearance of the digital degree certificate corresponds to the current paper certificate. As of 01 August 2022, the digital degree certificate is the official version which can be obtained in paper form as well. A paper certificate is a copy of the official degree certificate. The university does not charge a fee for the paper degree certificate.

The university is also planning new, collective ways to celebrate students’ graduation each academic year. We respect academic traditions and wish to introduce new ways to celebrate graduation. The practices will be announced later.

Please find answers below to the questions and concerns raised in Yammer last week.

Will the digital degree certificate be useful for years to come? 

The university has received a reply from the system provider: the digital degree certificate is signed using the PAdES-LTA standard, which means in practice that the certificate can be verified for a long time even if the system of recognition of signatures changes. The LTA aims at the longest possible storage period for electronic signatures.

How is the security ensured in sending a digital degree certificate? 

The digital degree certificate is not sent to the graduate by e-mail, instead, the graduate receives an e-mail notification of when the certificate can be retrieved from Peppi. Upon request, the paper degree certificate will be posted as before.

Is there a chance that the data will be lost in the digital degree certificate? 

Graduation data is stored both in the university and national registers. The digital degree certificate is permanently retained in accordance with the university’s records management plan in the university diary. Should a student lose a certificate, s/he has the opportunity to ask the university for a new degree certificate. The digital storage format is in line with the national standard governing records management and archiving. The student has the chance to store the digital certificate in multiple places.

Is the digital degree certificate known around the world and can it be received everywhere?

There are different types of degree certificates and diplomas internationally, and this applies to both paper and digital certificates. The PDF file format is commonly known and used internationally. It is possible to send a paper copy in the future as well.

Can the English-language degree certificate include the words “official translation”?

The language used for instruction and degrees at the University of Eastern Finland is Finnish (Section 11 of the Universities Act 558/2009). The degree certificate is issued in the language specified in the Universities Act. The English-language degree certificate is a translation of the original Finnish-language certificate. The English translation is not a translation by an authorised translator (Act on Authorised Translators 1231/2007). For this reason, the concept ‘official translation’ is not used in this context.

Why and how has the decision been prepared?

The aim of the introduction of the digital degree certificate has been to improve and speed up the process, and to verify information from the student’s point of view. The digital transcripts of records and study certificates have been in use for years already and have received good feedback from our students. E-services have streamlined students’ everyday life, and e-services are widely accepted in official encounters also internationally. The digital degree certificate is a natural continuation of this development.

The preparation of the digital degree certificate has been a long-term process having been prepared at UEF University Services. The digital degree certificate was presented to the UEF Leadership Group on 16 March 2022, and the final decision to introduce a digital degree certificate was made by the UEF Leadership Group. The Student Union has been consulted as a representative of our students during the process. Based on the feedback, the consultation of students and academic staff should have been more extensive.

Physical activity tests for the students and staff members in Joensuu

SYKETTÄ Joensuu organizes physical activity tests for the students and staff members of the the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday 15.3.2022 at 3pm-5pm in Joensuu Areena. Test day is open for both students and staff members.

Due to the current corona situation, it is only possible to perform either the 2-km walk test or Cooper’s test this spring. We try to avoid close contact and maintain the safety distances, so muscular strength and mobility tests won’t be performed this spring. Walk test and Cooper’s test measure cardiorespiratory fitness.

Group size is 30 participants. SYKETTÄ sticker isn’t required to participate. The enrollment is binding. When enrolling, please let us know your age and are you going to perform a walk test or Cooper’s test. Enrollments by Friday 4.3.2022.

Enrollment and more information:

For your information: The Finnish Defence Forces and agencies will complete defence exercises together in Northern Karelia from 26.2 to 5.3. – The exercises are a part of regular inter-agency cooperation

The Finnish Defence Forces and local agencies will exercise together in Northern Karelia on 26.2.-5.3. The exercises are part of the Defence Forces’ and the region’s agencies’ joint local defence exercises, which take place every two years. The exercises are not connected to the war in Ukraine, but they are a part of regular cooperation between agencies. Finland’s leadership has stated that Finland is not facing a military threat now.

The exercises will take place in Northern Karelia between 26.2-5.3. around Joensuu, Liperi, Juuka, Tohmajärvi and Kitee. There will also be exercises in other parts of Finland.

More soldiers and military vehicles than normal will be visible on Joensuu’s streets until Friday, 4.3. Approximately 340 people from the Defence Forces and 40 vehicles will participate in the exercises. Individual exercises may involve the use of blank ammunition that does not pose a threat to bystanders but will cause some noise. The exercises will involve flight operations on Wednesday, 2.3.

During the exercises, the on-call number 0299 451 964 will be available for residents to contact.

Calls for application for outgoing student exchange!

The February application period for outgoing student exchange is open!

The application period ends on Tuesday 15th February at 3:00 PM (15:00).

Please note that your application must be submitted by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted, so please make sure to send in your application on time!

During this application period, students can apply for Erasmus+ and Nordplus exchanges, as well as bilateral exchange. For more information on available placements and exchange programmes, please see the Study Abroad section on Kamu and the page Calls for applications for student exchange.

Students can apply for 1-2 exchange placements. If you wish to apply for two different exchange programmes, you will need to submit two applications. In this case, you can use the same attachments for both applications. You must indicate clearly in your application which placement is your first priority.

The application is compiled and submitted in the SoleMOVE system. For instructions on how to compile the application and the link to the system, please see Kamu.

The required attachments to the application are an up-to-date transcript of records (from Peppi) and a letter of motivation. For more information about applying in general, please see Kamu.

Recent delays with IT systems of the University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland’s new user account and email address creation has suffered from delays that has caused issues with logging in to the systems. User access rights management has also suffered from these delays.

The issues have been especially visible for new students of Spring 2022. Other students may also have had login issues with Peppi or email.

The causes for the issues have been found and corrections are being made. The situation should improve during this week.

In addition, email has been detected with a fault, that has caused a delay in the handling of the requests sent. The fault has been fixed and the queue is being processed as quick as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Further information:

IT Services,

Traditional Christmas Coffee for staff and students 8 December 2021 at 2 p.m.

The traditional Rector´s Christmas Coffee for the staff and students on the Joensuu Campus will be served on Wednesday, 8 December, at 2 p.m. in the lobby of the Carelia building. 


Welcoming Words
Rector Jukka Mönkkönen

Christmas carols performed by the University of Eastern Finland Choir Joy, conducted by Mari-Annika Heikkilä

Chydenius: Joululaulu

Gritton: Follow that star

Jenkins: We wish you a Merry Christmas