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IT Servicedesk opening hours during the holidays

Phone service is open:
23.12. at 8-13
26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 9-14
6.1. closed
9.1. normal opening hours

Chat opening hours
23.12. at 9-13
26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 9-14
6.1. closed
9.1. normal opening hours

IT-servicedesk customerpoint

Joensuu and Kuopio
23.12. ja 26.12. closed
27.12.2022 – 5.1.2023 monday – friday at 10-14
6.1. closed

While other service channels are closed, you may use and normally to submit service requests or request tech support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Has Been Enabled With Shibboleth And Haka Services on 15 Aug 2022

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has efficiently reduced phishing of UEF user accounts and inflicted security breaches. All UEF user accounts use multi-factor authentication when logging into email and other O365 services (applies to staff members and comparable users, students, CCL students and external users).

In order to guarantee information security, it is necessary to introduce MFA into further services. Starting 15 Aug 2022, MFA has been enabled with some other services that use UEF user accounts or HAKA authentication to log in.

How may this change affect you?

When logging into UEF services using Shibboleth or HAKA authentication with a UEF user account, you have to authorize the login with your mobile device. UEF email service, for example, uses a similar method.

Shibboleth/HAKA services include:

  • Staff applications, Certia Servicedesk,, M2, Opintopolku, ResearchProfessional database, Rondo, SoleTM, Academy of Finland eServices Sara, UEF Connect (website updates), Webropol
  • Student applications Digicampus Moodle, Primo (library), SoleMove,

Shibboleth enabled services with multi-factor authentication have been tested during the summer. Enabling MFA doesn’t have significant effects for the end user. Even though MFA improves information security, its introduction would seem to improve the end user experience. Issues with two services were identified during the testing period and they have been excluded from MFA.

If you experience any issues with one of these services, please use the eServices portal to report it ( -> Report IT issue)

Recommendation: Use the Authenticator app with MFA

If you have a smartphone, install the Authenticator app and use it with UEF MFA. It’s more secure and user friendly than SMS authentication.

Microsoft Authenticator app deployment instructions (New tab)

Instruction video (New Tab)

Recent delays with IT systems of the University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland’s new user account and email address creation has suffered from delays that has caused issues with logging in to the systems. User access rights management has also suffered from these delays.

The issues have been especially visible for new students of Spring 2022. Other students may also have had login issues with Peppi or email.

The causes for the issues have been found and corrections are being made. The situation should improve during this week.

In addition, email has been detected with a fault, that has caused a delay in the handling of the requests sent. The fault has been fixed and the queue is being processed as quick as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Further information:

IT Services,

Automatic deployment of Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users of UEF’s Microsoft environments

Deployment of Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for UEF users has been done and in the future MFA will be automatically applied to all users using UEF’s Microsoft 365 environment. The deployment concerns both student and staff users. MFA will be also deployed for outside stakeholders accounts. UEF employees should take note of the deployment of MFA if non UEF users are invited to UEF Microsoft 365 groups with other than UEF email address.

If you still haven’t registered MFA it will be automatically applied to your account on 1.11.2022.

Instructions on how to start using MFA can be found on IT Services webpage – (new tab).

We recommend using an authenticator app for MFA confirmation. If you have a smart phone, using Microsoft Authenticator to authenticate the login is more safe and user friendly option than a text message. You can find instructions for Authetincator at (new tab).

You can modify your MFA settings if needed here: (new tab).

If you have a user account that has multiple users e.g. to test systems or a shared mailbox, please notify about it as soon as possible to MFA will not be deployed to the notified accounts.

New version of the UEF data processing instructions

Information security policy and other supplementary security instructions and guidelines must be reviewed and updated regularly.

The University’s data processing rules and supplementary instructions have been supplemented and expanded. The aim is for the guidelines to better support day-to-day data processing.

The changes will take effect immediately, and up-to-date versions will be made available on the Information Processing Instructions (opens in a new tab) (requires logging in) and Information Security Rules (opens in a new tab) (requires logging in) pages in Heimo. IT Services is responsible for updating these pages and implementing the new instructions.

More information: chief information security officer Olavi Manninen (opens in a new tab)