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Fault notification: some PDF files cannot be opened right now

Some of the PDF files in Kamu are shared from the M365 Sharepoint Library. These PDF files do not open at all right now. A similar issue has been identified with other M365 customers as well, and a request for clarification and correction has been made to Microsoft.

UEF IT Services and Development Services are currently exploring alternative ways to temporarily distribute documents on the website until Microsoft has resolved and fixed the issue.

If you need a PDF file that doesn’t open, please send a request to

Recent delays with IT systems of the University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland’s new user account and email address creation has suffered from delays that has caused issues with logging in to the systems. User access rights management has also suffered from these delays.

The issues have been especially visible for new students of Spring 2022. Other students may also have had login issues with Peppi or email.

The causes for the issues have been found and corrections are being made. The situation should improve during this week.

In addition, email has been detected with a fault, that has caused a delay in the handling of the requests sent. The fault has been fixed and the queue is being processed as quick as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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IT Services,