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YUFE Challenge Teams Spring 2024 Call is open until 20 February!

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Challenge Teams Spring 2024 Call is open until 20 February.

Every UEF Student can take part in a Challenge Teams of their own interest (in English, online) – and get the YUFE Professional Star reward and even 2 ECTs.

You can choose between 7 different Challenges from different parts of Europe – and this time we have one challenge from each of the UEF’s Campus Cities included, too!

The Challenges are multidisciplinary, and they include applicable themes for several UEF fields of study.

More information available on Kamu’s page YUFE Alliance.

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Apply for exchange by 15 Feb!

The February application period for outgoing exchange studies is open!

The application period is open until Thursday 15 February. The application period will be closed at exactly 3:00 PM Finnish Time.

We recommend that students who are interested in exchange studies check out the calls for applications on the Study Abroad section in Kamu. This section of Kamu’s databank also has instructions on how to submit an application, and a whole lot of information about different aspects of exchange studies.

Students who are planning to apply for exchange are recommended to submit their application well in advance of the deadline. Especially on the last day of the application period, traffic on the application system SoleMOVE may cause delays in compiling and submitting applications. We cannot accept late applications, so make sure to submit your application well in advance of the deadline!

If you have any questions about exchange studies, you may contact International Mobility Services, for example by email at

The Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk in Joensuu is closed 19 – 23 February 2024

19 – 23 February 2024 the Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk in Joensuu is closed.

The phone service as well as the customer service desk in Kuopio are open normally. You can also contact the customer service by email.

Regular opening hours and contact information

The Student and Learning Services’ customer service desk is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm.

Visiting address: Joensuu Aurora A, 1st floor; Kuopio Canthia, 2nd floor

Email address: (Please note that there might be delays in responses during vacation times)

Phone number: +358 29 445 8900

Phone service opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm

The public hearings of the top candidates for the post of Rector on 26 and 27 February 2024

The university organises two public hearings of the top candidates applying for the Rector of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). 

The event on the Joensuu campus will be held on Monday 26 February at 12:00–14:00 in the C1 auditorium of the Carelia building, and the Kuopio campus hearing will be on Tuesday 27 February at 10:00–12:00 in the SN100 auditorium of the Snellmania building. 

The UEF Board will appoint the top candidates to be invited to these hearings at a meeting to be held on 13 February. 

The hearings will be organised by the University Collegiate Body, and they will be chaired by Mikko Laitinen and Tero Karjalainen

A live stream of the hearings will be broadcast (and can be followed when signed in) in the address The top candidates for the post of Rector at university community events on 26 and 27 February ( and video recordings can be viewed after the event. The languages of the events are Finnish and English. 

We are hoping to see as many of you at the campus events as possible. Welcome!

The calendar on the student’s desktop in Peppi is currently not working

The calendar on the student’s desktop in Peppi is not working at the moment. The technical support is currently investigating the problem. At the moment, timetables can be seen in Lukkarikone and Tuudo. We apologize for the inconvenience.

February application period for outgoing exchange studies is open!

The February application period for outgoing student exchange during the academic year 2024-2025 is open 1-15 February 2024. The application period ends on 15 Feb at 3:00 PM (15:00).

During this application period, degree students of the University of Eastern Finland are invited to apply for exchange studies in the following exchange programmes:

  • Erasmus+
  • YUFE exchange (YUFE Student Journey or YUFE Minor)
  • Nordplus (subject-specific networks and Nordlys-network)
  • north2north (Nordics)
  • Second call for bilateral exchanges


Calls for applications have been posted for each exchange programme. The calls can be found in Kamu’s Study Abroad section, on the page Calls for applications for student exchange. All students who are planning to apply are recommended to read the calls for applications carefully before starting their application.

European and Nordic host institutions are available for one semester (autumn 2024 or spring 2025) or full academic year 2024-2025.

Host institutions outside of Europe are only available for spring semester 2025.

The applications are submitted using the SoleMOVE system. Students can log in to the system using HAKA login and their UEF credentials.

NB! Please note that if you have an employment contract with UEF (grant researcher etc.), you are not eligible for student exchange. Please see information about staff exchange on Heimo.

NB! Students from outside the EU/EEA are advised to discuss possible exchange plans with their study programme coordinator and check if exchange studies would have an effect on your studies and/or tuition fees.

Application period

The application period closes on Thursday, February 15th, at 3:00 PM sharp (15:00).

All applications must be completed and submitted in the system by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted. It is recommended that students make sure they start and submit their applications well before the deadline.

More information

For more information about student exchange, please see Kamu’s Study Abroad section.

If you have questions regarding student exchange, please contact International Mobility services, for example via email at

Application for Study Wellbeing Peer Support Group is Open until 15.2.2024!  

Study Wellbeing peer support group will begin its face-to-face sessions at Joensuu campus late February. Share, reflect, self-attune, seek and offer peer support! If you are finding trouble concentrating on your studies, motivation has weakened or too much stress prevents you from pursuing your goals, this group is something for you.  

Study Wellbeing Support Group is meant for the master students and doctoral researchers of the Joensuu campus. The group spoken language is English. 

The idea of the group meetings is to share and exchange knowledge and practice wellbeing skills in a warm atmosphere and safe space for everyone.  

The group will meet for six face-to-face sessions. Each session will address a different topic and focus on honing study wellbeing skills such as:  

  • stress management and relaxation,  
  • maintaining focus and attention.  
  • values-inspired goal setting.   

The sessions are designed to encourage participation, self-reflection, sharing and learning.  

The group will start on Wednesday, February 28th at Joensuu campus and will be led by a psychology intern. Prior registration required. Apply via this link: . Registration closes on 15.2.2024. 

You can find a more detailed description of the group below. For more information contact:  

Study wellbeing is sought by nearly every student and researcher as a prerequisite for success in studies, research. Very often this wellbeing is hindered by us now knowing how to nurture and take care of it. As a result, we are easily challenged by distractions that interfere with our focus and ambush our attention. Sometimes we just feel tired and unmotivated. Good news is that we can learn the skills to boost our study wellbeing. 

We define ‘study wellbeing’ as personal wellbeing in the context of studies and/ or research. To put it simply, it means experiencing satisfaction in the pursuit of studies, research.  

The objective of the group is to provide the participants with knowledge and practical tips from the fields of psychology and neuroscience regarding psychological processes involved in learning, studying, intellectual work such as focus and attention, motivation, stress management and self-regulation. 

What you can expect  

The group participants will:   

  • gain knowledge that us better understanding of processes of motivation (eliciting and sustaining it), focus and attention (directing and maintaining it) and stress response (triggers, coping strategies),  
  • develop and practice their study and self-regulation skills,   
  • acquire and test tools and techniques to effectively achieve your goals by setting them based on your unique values and applying your strengths in pursuing them.  

Time and place 

The group will meet for six face-to-face sessions in a cosy fireplace meeting room. Each session will address a different topic. The first session takes place on Wednesday 28.2.  

The dates of the following sessions are: 6.3, 13.3, 27.3, 10.4, and 17.4 always at 10.30-12.00. 

The group is led by a psychology intern whose work is supervised by a study psychologist. 

To ensure the quality of the work the group can accept maximum 10 participants. In case of higher interest, the time of submission will be the selection criteria.  

Student tutors needed for next autumn semester! Would you like to be a student tutor?

If you study in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree programme at the University of Eastern Finland and you are interested in helping the new students, you can apply as a student tutor.

The student tutor helps the new students to have a smooth start for their studies. All the new students have a student tutor. And each tutor has a group of tutees.

Tutoring offers many opportunities to learn, for example to develop your communication and coordinating skills.

The tutors will be trained for the job, and they will receive credits and a certificate on tutoring.
The application period will be 23 Jan – 4 Feb 2024.

More information:


International Week 22-25 Jan!

International Mobility Services is organizing International Week in January!

During the week, we will have info sessions about how the exchange study process works, different exchange programmes, as well as about other ways to gain more international experience during studies. During the week, we will also have info desks on both campuses.

Check the week’s schedule on Kamu Study Abroad section’s page Study Abroad Events!

Info sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be made available the following week and will be viewable for 14 days. Welcome along!