Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance (KELA announcement 9.6.2020)

Were you granted a place of study? Remember to apply for student financial aid and housing allowance

New students should apply for student financial aid and general housing allowance in time. Student financial aid and housing allowance are applied for on separate applications.

New students can apply for student financial aid when the place of study has been confirmed. If you have to separately accept the place of study, you should apply for student financial aid as soon as you have accepted the place of study. Financial aid can be granted from the beginning of the month in which the application arrived. You should apply for financial aid for your entire course of study at the same time.

Students can apply for financial aid even if they have not yet arranged housing in the town or city where they will be studying. When housing has been arranged, the student must file a notification of move for instance online at Kela checks the student’s accommodation when the first study grant for the autumn has been paid.

Do you already know where you will be living in the autumn? Apply for general housing allowance now

Students should apply for housing allowance as soon as they have entered a rental agreement and have information about their income, housing costs and other living circumstances during the autumn. Students under 18 years of age who independently move into rental housing can apply for housing allowance after they have received a decision on the student financial aid.

Housing allowance can be granted starting from 1 August if the rental agreement is valid from 1 August and you move into the home in August. Furthermore, the application should be submitted to Kela by the end of September.

The general housing allowance is granted to the entire household as a whole. The application is made by one household member on behalf of all residents. A household includes spouses/partners or close relatives (grandparents, parents and children) who live in the same home, or persons renting a home under a joint rental agreement. The award of housing benefits is affected by the regular income of  all the persons making up a household. Earnings, capital income and most benefits, such as student financial aid, are counted as the household’s income. The student loan does not count as income.

The rental agreement must always be enclosed with the application. A rental agreement is also needed when the applicant lives in a student apartment. If information about the rental agreement is provided to Kela electronically by the landlord, you need not enclose the rental agreement. Landlords who provide rental agreement information to Kela electronically.

A student housing supplement may be available to those who are studying abroad or in the Åland Islands. A supplement is also paid to students who are enrolled in a tuition-based programme at a Finnish folk high school or sports institute and live in the school dormitory. The student housing supplement is applied for with the same application as the student financial aid.

Online application is quick and easy

With the help of Kela’s calculators ( (in Finnish) or (in Swedish)) students can estimate what type of benefit they can receive and the amount of the benefit. If you are unsure about which benefits students can get, start by reading the page What kind of student financial aid and housing benefits can you get?

Both student financial aid and housing allowance can be applied for via Kela’s online customer service at (in Finnish) or (in Swedish). Supporting documentation can also be sent online.

Students who receive both housing allowance and student financial aid must keep track of the annual income limit in connection with student financial aid and the monthly earnings that affect the housing allowance. General housing allowance must be reviewed if the income of your household increases by at least EUR 400 per month or decreases by at least EUR 200 per month compared to the previous housing allowance decision. Changes in income must be reported to Kela without delay. Before submitting a request for a review of your housing allowance, you can check if you need to submit a request for a review by calling Kela’s customer service number 020 634 2550.

What to do if you need interpreter assistance for your studies in the autumn because of a disability or impairment

Apply for the right to interpreter assistance for students as soon as you get a decision that you have been granted a place of study. Be sure also to book an interpreter well in advance.

Additional information for customers:

Easy-to-read tips on housing allowance:

UEF Learning Environment Seminar 2020: Many faces of online learning

Registration for the UEF Learning Environment Seminar is now open. The seminar will be held online 26.-27.8.2020. Theme of the seminar is many faces of online learning. Sign up for the seminar by 16.8. by the staff training calendar.

You can find out more about the seminar’s program at the seminar website (sign with UEF-account).

Seminar is for UEF staff and students.

Library services during the summer

Joensuu and Kuopio Campus Library facilities and KUH Medical Library facilities are all closed for the summer. Please follow our news for more information on our services. Phone, chat and e-mail services are open between 9AM and 3 PM throughout the summer. Our limited lending services are also at your desposal. Interlibrary services are however closed.
E-books, e-journals, databases and other e-resources are available normally via UEF Finna. If you need help or guidance on how to use them, you can contact us via library’s chat or email:
Guidance for information retrieval is available remotely during the summer. Book an appointment with an information specialist or contact
Have a sunny summer!

More information:
Chat service open Mon-Fri 9–15
Home page:
Service numbers:
Joensuu Campus Library: 0294 45 8397, Kuopio Campus Library: 0294 45 8400

Cancellation of student exchanges and traineeships abroad in the autumn semester 2020

University of Eastern Finland has decided to cancel all student exchanges and traineeships abroad in the autumn semester 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this means that planned exchange periods and traineeships abroad cannot be carried out.

The students who applied for the autumn semester 2020 received a bulletin via email on Thursday, 28 May, and were asked to reply to the message about the next steps.

The second call for applications for student exchange is open until 23.59 (11.59 p.m.) on Sunday, 31 May. A third call for applications for the spring semester 2021 will be held from 15 August to 15 September 2020.

For more information about the second/third calls, please check the Calls for applications for student exchange and Applying for student exchange and traineeship abroad articles in Kamu.

Most of the University of Eastern Finland’s teaching will be offered online in the autumn semester 2020

Teaching at the University of Eastern Finland will continue to be organised online throughout the autumn semester 2020.  However, laboratory courses, field courses, internships deemed necessary, and other teaching that is impossible or unreasonably hard to organise online, can be offered as in-person teaching. In addition, in-person teaching can also be organised for new students in order to foster their commitment to their academic subject and to the academic community.

The Finnish Government’s restrictions on gatherings and other safety recommendations in effect at each time are followed in the organisation of teaching. From 1 June onwards, gatherings are limited to 50 persons, and this is applied to in-person teaching so that a maximum of 50 people, including the teacher, may be in the same room at a time, and with people keeping a safety distance of 1.5–2 metres.

Teaching is organised with health and safety in mind. The university’s staff will also be returning to the campuses gradually.

The faculties and the Language Centre will make their decisions on teaching, and inform students about these decisions, as follows:

  • by 30 June regarding arrangements of teaching starting in August and September;
  • by 7 August regarding arrangements of teaching starting in October, November and December; and
  • The Open University will inform its own students.

We kindly ask you to note that the academic subjects will answer questions relating to teaching arrangements by informing all their students simultaneously of these arrangements as soon as they are confirmed; however, no later than by the dates indicated above. Students are encouraged to follow the university’s communication channels, including the study community of their major subject, the UEF Students group on Yammer as well as news published in Kamu and WebOodi.

New students

The academic subjects will receive and welcome new students, organise new student orientation for them, and possibly offer in-person teaching, while observing guidelines on safety. The parts of new student orientation that are common to all will be organised online.


General exams and other exams will not be organised as classroom exams in the autumn semester. Facilities for electronic EXAM examinations will remain closed until 31 July, and they can only be opened by a separate decision of the dean. EXAM rooms will be opened starting on 1 August, and the university will provide separate instructions on how to use these facilities safely.

Student exchange and international Master’s degree programmes

In the autumn semester 2020, UEF will not be sending or receiving exchange students. The university’s international Master’s degree programmes are encouraged to offer their teaching online in the autumn semester 2020. An international Master’s degree programme may consider postponing the start of the programme, if students are unable to enter Finland. In addition, students admitted to international Master’s degree programmes have the right to defer the start of their studies by one year.


The library’s online services and a limited pickup service of printed books, as well as the chance to return borrowed books will continue. For the time being, the service will only be open for UEF staff, students and contract customers. Up-to-date, detailed instructions can be found on the library’s website.

The Kuopio Campus Library will be renovated between 1 June and 31 August 2020. During this time, the library’s book collection will not be available for use, because the books will be put into storage for the duration of the renovation.

The Joensuu Campus Library will be renovated between 15 June and 7 August 2020. During this time, services will continue within the limits dictated by construction site restrictions.

Campus restaurants

The campus restaurants follow general national guidelines and sell take-away meals in the Carelia restaurant in Joensuu and in the Snellmania restaurant in Kuopio. From 1 June onwards, restaurant Kampus Bistro in Joensuu and the Tietoteknia restaurant in Kuopio will be selling take-away meals.

Sykettä university sports

Sykettä university sports will start organising outdoors events from 1 June onwards.

Other instructions relating to safety and hygiene:

Cleaning has been intensified and the university’s facilities are cleaned daily. Cleaning is carried out in accordance with the instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL, and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, TTL.

Libraries will be renovated in summer 2020

The Joensuu campus library will be renovated from 15 June to 7 August 2020. For the time being, the service is operated as a book picking service within the limits dictated by construction site restrictions.
The Kuopio campus library will be renovated from 1 June to 31 August 2020. The book collections are not in use because the books will be packed away for the duration of the renovation. Book picking service that started on June 14th, continues for the time being, but only from the collections of the Joensuu Campus Library and the KUH Medical Library.
Books can be returned to the book drop hatches of Joensuu and Kuopio campus libraries.
Even though the library facilities are closed, the library is at your service – read more.
More information:

UEF Primo – Frequently asked questions

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Break exercise program for students

Break Pro break exercise program is now available free of charge for UEF students and staff from 15th May.

Break Pro is a professional break exercise program. It reminds to take breaks while working and provides break exercise guidance based on the latest exercise recommendations.

The program includes over a hundred short break exercise videos, ranging from the traditional shoulder exercises to ergonomics instructions and voice exercises for speakers. The user can program reminder settings at certain intervals or at specific times of the day.

The programme is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The program may be installed on UEF’s staff and students´ computers and mobile devices, as well as on a personal mobile phone. Teachers and lecturers may also use the programme for break exercising during lectures.

Further information and installation instructions:

  • Kamu
  • Heimo (logging required via UEF-user name)