Study abroad

This section contains information for UEF degree students on student exchange, traineeships abroad, and other possibilities for internationalisation.

In this section, you can find information about different exchange programmes and host universities available to UEF students, the application process and other practical arrangements related to studying abroad.

We recommend that you start from these pages:

  1. Introduction to international studies
  2. FAQ: Frequently asked question about student exchange

Once you have read these pages, you may start reading through the other pages for more specific information.

Student feedback

Feedback from previous exchange students is available in the SoleMOVE application system (new tab). Select University of Eastern Finland from the drop-down options, then select the option Exchange destinations Abroad and Feedback that appear on the top of the page after you have selected UEF. To find feedback, you can search by country etc. Click the name of the university you are interested in to see the university’s profile. If there is feedback available, it says so just below the university’s name in the profile. Not all host universities have feedback available from students, and most of the feedback may be in Finnish.

If you are looking for feedback for universities in a specific exchange programme, such as the YUFE Alliance, you can filter the results by clicking open Advanced Search options and selecting the exchange programme you are interested in as your filter.

Please note that this does not guarantee that feedback is available – student feedback is only published if the student has given permission for it.

See also:

Video: Exchange Studies – Your Next Smart Decision (subtitles in English)

NB! If you are a member of staff at UEF (researcher, teacher, admin, 10% grant researcher etc.), you will find information about staff mobility in Heimo.