Printing Available in Oppari in August

It will become possible to print documents again in Oppari, according to the following schedule:
• in Kuopio Oppari, starting 3rd of August, Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00
• in Joensuu Oppari, starting 17th of August, according to the Joensuu Library opening hours

There will be a PC station in Oppari intended for carrying out printing jobs only. Please follow the UEF hygiene and safety instructons while using the printing service. For the time being all other Oppari PCs will not be available for studying purposes.

Limited access to libraries in August

Library facilities will be open on a limited basis in August for lending and return. The principle is self-service.

  • The Joensuu campus library will open on a limited basis on August 17, 2020.
  • The KUH Medical library will open on a limited basis on August 17, 2020.
  • The Kuopio campus library will open on a limited basis on September 1, 2020.

If the corona situation allows, a library card that has been pre-ordered online can be picked up from the library’s customer service.

Customer workstations will be out of service for at least until the end of August. Oppari and It Services operate remotely. There will be no 24/7 access.

All online services will function as of now.

The courses and other training sessions of the library will be organised online.

More information:




The teaching of the library will be organised online during the summer and autumn term 2020

In accordance with the guidelines of the University of Eastern Finland, the library’s courses on information skills and sources for undergraduate students and postgraduate students’ courses Information retrieval and management of research and Open Science will be offered online during the summer and autumn term 2020.

More information: Head of Services Helena Silvennoinen-Kuikka, Library, Training and information services,

Library services during the summer

Joensuu and Kuopio Campus Library facilities and KUH Medical Library facilities are all closed for the summer. Please follow our news for more information on our services. Phone, chat and e-mail services are open between 9AM and 3 PM throughout the summer. Our limited lending services are also at your desposal. Interlibrary services are however closed.
E-books, e-journals, databases and other e-resources are available normally via UEF Finna. If you need help or guidance on how to use them, you can contact us via library’s chat or email:
Guidance for information retrieval is available remotely during the summer. Book an appointment with an information specialist or contact
Have a sunny summer!

More information:
Chat service open Mon-Fri 9–15
Home page:
Service numbers:
Joensuu Campus Library: 0294 45 8397, Kuopio Campus Library: 0294 45 8400

Clear your desk of loans and fees before summer!

Now is the time to return your loans and pay fees online.

You can return books through the book drop hatches near the campus libraries’ front doors in Kuopio Snellmania and Joensuu Carelia.

After this, you can pay overdue fees online via UEF Primo. We will invoice payments during the summer, so it is advisable to check your due dates and pay overdue fees before summer vacation.

You can return books through the book drop hatches throughout the summer eventhough the libraries will be renovated. For more information contact

Library, Oppari or IT Services? Who to contact when you have problems with programmes or connections?


  • Cannot access article full text
  • Cannot access an ebook
  • Cannot login to UEF Primo



  • Assistance in sign Teams and Zoom
  • Using Office apps
  • Installing progammes
  • Creating pdf files


IT Services (Tipa)

  • Changing password
  • VPN



Libraries will be renovated in summer 2020

The Joensuu campus library will be renovated from 15 June to 7 August 2020. For the time being, the service is operated as a book picking service within the limits dictated by construction site restrictions.
The Kuopio campus library will be renovated from 1 June to 31 August 2020. The book collections are not in use because the books will be packed away for the duration of the renovation. Book picking service that started on June 14th, continues for the time being, but only from the collections of the Joensuu Campus Library and the KUH Medical Library.
Books can be returned to the book drop hatches of Joensuu and Kuopio campus libraries.
Even though the library facilities are closed, the library is at your service – read more.
More information:

UEF Primo – Frequently asked questions

Which browser works best with UEF Primo? How do I log in to UEF Primo?Why can I get more search results when I am logged in?How can I find e-books?How can I renew my loans?
We hope that you can find answers to your questions here! If not, or if you have any more questions, please contact us by sending a message to

Book picking service for UEF staff and students starts on 14.5.

Due to the exceptional circumstanses, we are opening a book picking service for UEF staff members and students, who already have a library card. The service starts from 14.5. and is valid until further notice. UEF Libraries are closed from customers.
We pick the books from shelf based on reservations made 14.5. or after. The service is intented only for material you absolutely need for your studies and research. Unfortunately National repository library books, legal deposit copes and reading room copies are not available during the service. Interlibrary services are also closed until further notice. Please notice, that this is an exceptional arrangement and our customers need to follow given instructions.

1. Check the availability of the book from UEF Primo. You can have max. five (5) books at a time.
2. Make a reservation in UEF Primo. Make sure, you have chosen the right edition and so on. We pick the books from shelf based on reservations made 14.5. or after. In case you have earlier reservations on books you absolutely need, contact library[at]
3. If the book or article is available in electronic format, a printed version will not be delivered.
4. The books will be ready for pick-up within a week from order. We will notify you by email, when your order is ready to be picked up from the campus.
5. It is crucial that you follow the given pick-up time, since the order will be canceled, if you don’t pick it up on the given day.
6. Pick up the books your ordered from Joensuu Olola (Carelia-building) / from Kuopio, Snellmania-buildings lobby. It is crucial to avoid any contact with other people.
7. The books are on the shelf by your name. They have been borrowed for you and you can see them in your loans in UEF Primo.
8. Notice, that this is an exception and the Libraries are closed due the Coronavirus pandemic.
9. As usual, the customer is responsible for the borrowed material, as told in the Library’s Terms of use.
10. Thank you for co-operation! If needed, contact